YJ Bundle

YJ Bundle


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YJ MGC2 Elite 2x2 - Black

YJ MGC2 Elite 2x2

$1999 $1999

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YJ MGC3 Elite

YJ MGC3 Elite 3x3

$2299 $2299

YJ MGC 4x4

YJ MGC 4x4

$1799 $1999 Save $2

YJ MGC 5x5

YJ MGC 5x5

$2199 $2199

YJ MGC 6x6

YJ MGC 6x6

$2499 $2499

YJ MGC 7x7 - Stickerless (Bright)

YJ MGC 7x7

$3499 $3499

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The YJ Bundle is made up of six cost conscience, but truly excellent speed cubes that are gaining more and more popularity every day. The YJ brand is famous for both its quality and economically price tags. It's hard to find a better deal for a bunch of excellent speed cubes. This bundle contains the MGC 2x2 Elite, MGC Elite 3x3, MGC 4x4, MGC 5x5, MGC 6x6 and MGC 7x7.
Manufacturer: YJ
Type: 2x2,3x3,4x4,5x5,6x6,7x7 Bundle
Gross Weight: 0g
Added: 2020-10-02

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Simon N. (Sweden)
Great bundle

It would be more fair to rate every cube by themselves so I will give a short summary:
2x2: Like every other flagship it is in the higest tier of 2x2:s, fast and good strength to compensate the speed.
3x3: While probably the worst of the bundle in relation to it's competitors it is a cheap cube that has customisation like edm edges and like gts3/wrm spring compression system which makes it great if you aren't sure about that yet on a 3x3.
4x4: Alongside the WR M considered by most to be the best 4x4 on the market, and at a much cheaper price making it a safer option over the WR M.
5x5: A fast cube with medium strength magnets which is a great combo on 5x5, and also a cheap price rivaling older 5x5 without magnets.
6x6: Considered the best 6x6 since the shadow v1 m at an amazing price for a flagship. Super smooth, fast and great medium magnets strength.
7x7: Considered the best 7x7 since the Hays and Spark at again a much better price. It really is just the 7x7 version of it's literal little brother, the 6x6.

Now the price will be the best fact about these cubes. Being compareble in quality and performance to cubes at a much higher price. These cubes are great If you recently got back into cubing or aren't sure what cubes to buy for each event or if you don't have the money/don't want to spend the money to get super good cubes. because aside from maybe the 3x3 the others are considered top tier on the market. And even the 3x3 is great, just that since 3x3 are so expensive compared to even most 5x5xs or 6x6s it unfortunately is in the shadow of every other MGC puzzle

Lil S. (United States)
Should Have Waited

I finally got all 6 one week ago now the cubicle adds the 7x7 to the bundle. All of them are amazing and are my mains. Highly recommend.