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MFJS MeiLong 11x11
MFJS MeiLong 11x11

MFJS MeiLong 11x11

MoFang JiaoShi

  • $93.99



SELECTED: Stickerless

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Product Description

The MFJS MeiLong 11x11 is a smaller 11x11 coming in at just 89mm, which makes it more comfortable to hold and solve. Turning is extremely smooth out of the box and it features vibrant stickerless bright shades.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer MoFang JiaoShi
Type 8x8-17x17
Added 2019-05-23
Gross Weight 482g
Dimensions 89.0mm3
Item Weight 460.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
i d.w.t.


Risky B.(. (United States)
It had a good run, good cube though.

Let's start off from the beginning. When I unboxed it, it was really quite good. It turned fairly well, the packaging was well done, and overall it was a good first impression. It didn't corner cut though, but honestly, who goes and buys an 11x11 expecting the corner cutting to be good, so that's not what the lost star is for.

But now let's get into why I put 4 stars instead of 5. This is because this is not the best cube out there, particularly not the best 11x11 out there, and this is to be expected, because it's clearly not meant to be. When solving this cube you can't go super fast, or else it will lock up really bad. This cube is not a speedcube, so if you are trying to speedcube with an 11x11, this cube isn't for you. But, for casual solving it's amazing, it's nice and small so your hands fit nicely around it, it turns really quite good when you're not turning at the speed of light, and in general it's just nice to sit back and solve this cube.

But now for the main reason a lot of people will probably be buying this cube. At $92, it's got to be one of, if not the cheapest 11x11 out there. And for the price, this cube preforms outstandingly. No your turns per second is not going to be through the roof, but for $92, you are definitely getting what you pay for in an 11x11, and a little more.

A lot of the people giving this cube bad reviews are saying that the turning is really bad and that it exploded when they first got it. If this is the case, then they just weren't careful with their cube, but if you're careful with this cube then you should be fine. Take me for an example, this is an example of what not to do when you get your 11x11. I was walking up to my front door, and tried to open the door with my 11x11 in the same hand, big mistake. I ended up accidentally dropping the cube, and the cube shattered on my front porch. I don't know what I'm doing to do about my 11x11, but I'll figure it out, but I'm not taking stars off because that was my fault. I also did this with my MF9 a while back.

So if you're going to take anything from that story, please just be careful with it, especially when bringing it out in public, because this cube isn't meant to stand getting dropped, and let me tell you, don't test it, unless of course that's the reason you're buying this cube.

TL;DR (too long, didn't read), this cube is not for speedcubing by any means, and it will lock up and perhaps shatter if you try speedcubing with it, but if you're not looking to speedcube with it, and you're just looking for a good budget 11x11, this cube is for you. Coming at $92 you are definitely getting what you pay for, and perhaps a little more. If you do buy it, though, you have to be careful with it, never risk bringing it anywhere, try not to speedcube with it, and most importantly never drop it. Learn from a guy who dropped his 11x11 and it shattered.

Overall great cube, would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing budget 11x11.

Angelo A. (United States)

I liked it

Sam W. (United States)
Surprisingly great

The cube turned perfectly. Some centers managed to twist out but that was just me turning to fast. Love the cube and thank you.

Janessa W. (United States)

Awesome cube! Buuut I still need to learn how to solve it / :

S.B. (United States)
Awesome cube, very fun to solve.

I solved this cube so many times in the first few days. I thought it would be fun, but I was wrong. It is a word that is greater than fun that I can't think of because I failed English class. The only flaw is that it pops often. If you push the piece in about half way, then use something like a credit card to push it, the piece will snap back into place. Overall this is my new favorite cube :D

David D. (United States)
Smaller, Lighter, Tighter

This was my second purchase of an 11-cube. The 8-cubes and larger tend to feel a bit sloppy compared to the smaller cubes. The MFJS MeiLong has a tighter feel than my other 11-cube although you can't expect it to be as tight as smaller cubes. It’s also smaller and lighter. Because of these features, it’s possible to solve in the hand rather than requiring a flat surface on which to square it and rest its weight while turning. I’m no speed solver and this is no speed cube but in my first solve of this cube, I shaved about a third off my typical time. It popped once after about eight hours of play but I was able to put it right in a few minutes. I give it 5-stars because I exceeded my expectations for the money.

Lowell T. (United States)
Surprisingly good

This cube is phenomenal. It turns very smoothly, rarely locks up, has a really nice shiny finish, and is small enough to comfortably solve. It is a lot smaller than you might think. The 9x9 in the meilong line is a bit disappointing, but this thing is really good!

Travis G. (United States)
Turns surprisingly well

The 8x8 and 9x9 in this series didn't turn too well. The 10x10 is pretty good, but the 11x11 is phenomenal! Usually big cubes aren't that fun to solve, but the smooth turning on this has motivated me to solve it loads of times to kill time.

Bryton D. (United States)
Lots of fun

Loads of fun, hours well spent. This 11x11 moves better than some of my 5x5’s. Good quality