GAN Bluetooth Bundle

GAN Bluetooth Bundle


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GAN Smart Timer - Black

GAN Smart Timer (Bluetooth)

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GAN 356 i Carry

GAN 356 i Carry

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The GAN Bluetooth Bundle includes the new GAN 356 i Carry and the GAN Smart Timer. Pairing these two together with the free Cube Station app lets you practice seamlessly while simulating a competition experience. The Cube Station app conveniently stores all your times so you can monitor your progress. Timer batteries not included. M2 or M3 screwdriver needed to open the battery compartment.

Note that both of these items are on pre-order and are expected to ship late April to early May. 

Manufacturer: GAN
Type: 3x3,Accessories Bundle
Gross Weight: 0g
Added: 2022-06-16

Customer Reviews

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Anonymous (Canada)
good bundle

Good cube and works well as for the timer it is like a stack mat timer but cheaper.

Anonymous (United Kingdom)
app is annoying but everything else is spectacular

thats it

Reizer (United States)
Great bundle!

I was going to buy these items separately, so I was stoked to find this discounted bundle from the Cubicle.

The cube: I already had a Monster Go Ai cube, but I wanted something with more customization options that still used a coin cell battery. The Gan i Carry offers that and has a lighter, snappier feel that I really like. I enjoy the Gan version a bit more than the Monster Go version, and the adjustment parts included with the Gan are interchangeable with the Monster Go. The magnets an the Gan seem a bit stronger than the Monster Go, which is great because I like strong magnets. The Cube Station app has come a long way (although it still has a ways to go), and I haven't had any issues with disconnections, sync problems, or switching between cubes. The Cube Station apps are overall a great way to track your progress and understand areas for improvement. These battery-powered smart cubes from Gan are the best value right now in the smart cube space and a great way to start.

My only niggle with the cube is that the magnets have a little wiggle room in their slots, so when turning, they get pulled briefly to one side and make a small clicking sound. It kind of makes the cube sound like you're popping very tiny bubble wrap. I usually cube in headphones, so it doesn't bother me, but it's worth calling out.

The timer: I don't have another cube timer to compare this to since it's my first one. I had been fine with using a timer app on my phone, but I wanted to track my progress with my non-smart cubes in the Cube Station app. This works perfectly for that. You can also use it as a standalone timer. It's compact, the touch sensors are flawless and and I think it's a great deal being around the same price as non-smart timers. The main issue I can see is that the mat connection is proprietary, so it can't be connected to mats that are meant to work with the Speed Stacks timers. I'd love to see a kit in the future, whether from Gan or a third party, that could be used to convert a mat to work with this timer. Right now, there's only one mat that works with this timer, which I picked up as well. No complaints with that mat, but it would be nice to have the option for a bigger mat or a different design. I would have thought Gan would have come out with something already since this timer has been out for at least a year.

Overall, a great bundle at a nice discount! A great way to get started with a smart cube without leaving your regular cubes out in the cold. I do think this bundle should have an option to throw in the Gan mat, though.

Lml (United States)

Its a good cube