SpeedStacks Pro Timer Bundle G4

SpeedStacks Pro Timer Bundle G4


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StackMat Pro Timer Gen4

StackMat Pro Timer Gen4

$3199 $3199

SpeedStacks Gen3 Mat (Voxel Glow)

SpeedStacks Gen3 Mat (Voxel Glow)

$1399 $1399

SpeedStacks Gear Bag

SpeedStacks Gear Bag

$699 $699

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The SpeedStacks Pro Timer Bundle G4 is the updated version of the G3 bundle. It features the new StackMat Pro Timer Gen4 with the compatible G3 Mat that is still used in official competition settings, as well as the SpeedStacks Gear bag -- all at one great price!
Manufacturer: SpeedStacks
Type: Accessories Bundle
Gross Weight: 370g
Added: 2020-06-12

Customer Reviews

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this bundle is really good i got this as a gift and i loved it the bag was a little smaller than what i expected but its is a good size. The bag can comfortably fits 3 3x3s, 2 2x2s, 4x4-6x6, timer, mat, and an accessories bag for ges nuts, lube or screwdrivers. FIVE STARS FOR SURE

Amazing!! Very Happy With Purchase!

I was very happy with this bundle as it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a timer and mat but everything was really expensive alone!! So I found this bundle which was exactly what I needed! I am very happy with the product itself, the mat is nice and big, the timer is amazing, and the bag is the perfect size to fit the mat, timer, and at least like 5 cubes in it!! The best part was that I also picked up a speed cube for myself which made my order qualify for free shipping as well as $2 in the cubicle rewards program! All around a great product that would recommend to anyone and everyone!! Happy Cubing!

Excellent !

Le timer est incroyable ! Très réactif et de bonne qualité. On peut s'entraîner chez soi pour se préparer au compétition. Super timer !


It is so goood all my friends and I love it
If you are. A new cube I definitely recommend this

Great deal!!

The timer works absolutly amazing in the many thousand solves i have done with it, the only glitches it has is when I have tried to use it with my laptop. I can start it but then it sometimes just stops at 0.004ish. But the price is amazing!! You are buying the timer, getting a reduced price for the bag, and getting the mat for free!! If you are planning on getting a timer, get this bundle.

best timer EVER!!!!!

I have completed at least 1000 solves using this timer and it didn't have a error. The best thing about it is that it can save three completed times of YOUR CHOICE! How it's done is you click the save button and then click the play button until it came up to the slot you would like and then click save. You can also delete by clicking the reset button and then doing the process I gave you before. The bag for me would fit the mat and timer and have extra room for 5 cubes. BEST TIMER EVER!!!!!