MoYu WeiLong WR M 2021 3x3


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Product Description

The WeiLong WR M 2021 is the latest flagship 3x3 from MoYu. This updated design now features adjustable magnets along with the standard MoYu spring compression/tension system. The WR M 2021 offers a softer feel and more customization at a lower price!


Comes with:
  • WeiLong WR M 2021 3x3
  • Magnet adjustment tool
  • Spring compression tool
  • Cube case/stand
  • Extra accessories and hardware

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer MoYu
Type 3x3
Added 2021-06-22
Gross Weight 308g
Dimensions 55.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 78.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alexander (United States)
Its alright

As I own all 3 variations of the Weilong WRM, I have to say that this one is the most underwhelming. In terms of feeling, the puzzle is that of a WRM 2020 mixed with a GAN 11 M Pro, so it has that buttery and full feeling of traditional MoYu Cubes, mixed with the airy crisp of more recent GAN cubes. I'm a fan of the feeling, and its very premium feeling, but its just not what I was expecting out of the newest MoYu flagship.

The Magnet Adjustment system is akin to that of the Tornado v2, and although it provides more in-depth options, It really wasn't executed correctly. As for the dual-adjustment system, it has been essentially the same since the GTS3 in 2018, and it works fine. Probably the most intuitive adjustment system besides the Tornado v2. Also, as a word of warning, this cube comes fast out of the box, and is extremely easy to slow down. The cube is very responsive to lubricant so the puzzle can really conform to any feeling.

TL;DR: Nice Cube, Eh features, Be Careful when Lubing.

Harrison T. (United States)

The WR M 2021 is an amazing cube. I set mine up with the magnet setting on 3, and the last spring compression setting. The cube is extremely fast, but very controllable. It's a tremendous improvement over the 2020 version, and it actually stands up to the original. It has customization elements from the original/2020 version, mixed with the X-Man Tornado V2 M. It is very fast, but very controllable. Overall, I would highly recommend getting this cube. You will not regret it.

Alex M. (United States)
magnet adjustment

I really like this cube, probably will be my main, but i did play with the magnet adjustment and somehow i turned it to fast and the plastic shows a bit of stress or the white where there was too much pressure. It still works and it didn't damage it, only it's not as aesthetically pleasing. and 1 is the strongest, and when it goes to 5 to 1 it sort of snaps to the closest and strongest magnet, and i wonder if thats what made it have those plastic damage spots or if it's something unrelated. thats the only negative I've noticed. I think if the cube would of been within the $35 price range the quality of it would of been better, but i had it for less than a day and i already see this. again it works fine for me, just not as aesthetically pleasing.

cub (Vietnam)
This cube is decent

My main

Anonymous (Vietnam)
Fast, Smooth although it isn't my main

Out of the box, it was dry and sandy. So I think you need lube if you want to have a good experience. I lubed it with angstrom gravitas, DNM, and mystic. When you change the magnet, you need to change both of the sides of the edge so it takes quite long. I prefer number 3 for the magnet and number 4 for the elasticity. I like the primary internal but the cube still have some problem. The corner-cutting is snappy and we can hear the spring sound ( I used lubicle black to fix the noise ). It can become my main but I don't want to change my routine and I like the feeling of the Dayan tengyun v2 and the gan 11m duo more ( The performances are equally good). Overall it's a pretty good cube and great performance but if you are a rouxer, then I would recommend the tengyun v1 over this one.

Brian R. (United States)
Good cube, bad quality control.

The turning of the WRM 2021 is fast and smooth, just like past WRMs. The corner cutting is unmatched, and the customization is awesome. The WRM 2021 is absolutely main-worthy, and it would be my main if it weren't for a few defects.

First, the general quality of the cube is fairly low for a flagship. Some of the pieces have noticeable gaps between them, as well as some flashing that should have been removed at the factory. Overall this $27 puzzle feels far cheaper than my current $9 main, the RS3M 2020.

Second, the magnet adjustment system is very poorly executed. The adjustment tool is exceedingly fragile, to the point that Moyu sent extras for when they inevitably break. Also, multiple pieces on my puzzle have already failed. On the red/green edge, one of the magnets spins freely, and doesn't keep its setting. On the blue/orange edge one of the magnets is loose, and makes an incredibly loud clicking sound every time it is turned that sets my teeth on edge. Worst of all, I can't even figure out how take the edge piece apart to address the problem, because it is assembled in such an odd manner.

Overall, I enjoy the WRM 2021 very much, and I wish I could use it as my main. Unfortunately, it will have to sit unused on my shelf until I can find a way to fix the magnet adjustment system. I think it would have been best if Moyu had sold a better product for $35 like the past WRMs, because it is very obvious that corners were cut to get this puzzle to be cheaper than past WRMs. If you are okay with your puzzle feeling like a cheap prototype, then this puzzle is for you. If not, I would suggest the RS3M 2020 or the GTS3M instead.

Vikas J. (United States)
Light, Quick, 5 magnet settings but with a faulty mechanism

Just got my WRM 2021 in the mail. OOB, comes with your standard Moyu items: the lego cube case, the box of accessories including the compression tensioning tool, extra screws, an extra core, screwdriver [new design], and a new magnet tensioning tool (this time, no extra magnets haha)

So packaging is simple & familar.

Cube OOB comes on magnet setting 1 (strongest setting) and compression at 0 (weakest - I prefer setting 7 ever since the GTS3M)

The price is the lowest of any of the 3 WRMs and finally the ability to adjust magnets on a Moyu flagship is great! Setting 1 is the strongest, 5 weakest. One setting 5, you can barely even feel it so I wouldnt recommend. Personally, I'm on setting 1 (I prefer stronger magnets)

The magnet tensioning tool it came with has the base of the screwdriver with x4 adjusting tools made of plastic (check out the attached photos). The tip of the device has a small & thin plastic tab which fits perfectly into the tensioning slot. Turn clockwise to tension, once you're at setting 1, you'll hear a loud click.

Problem lies in the tensioning's mechanism. Your tool when adjusting magnets CAN get stuck, not allowing you to change the magnet. And when inserting the magnet tensioning tool, the little thin tab CAN bend (see photos). Luckily, packaging includes x4 of them, but it's really an inconvenient. And since the internals are primary and the edge's cannot come apart due to the cap-to-edge assembly, it's tough to go into the edge and make modifications without using force. I managed to remove one cap-edge and found that one of the magnet tensioning tools came broken OOB.

Maybe the inclusion of a metal tensioning tool might have been the wiser decision for a few dollars more (if you have the tengyun v2's tensioning screwdriver or any tiny flat head you will be fine)

Overall, happy with the cube. Will have to lube and set it up and do a few AOx100's. RS3M 2020 is still my main as of this review.