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MAX Lube Bundle

MAX Lube Bundle

Angstrom Research

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Get both parts of the MAX Lube System at a great price. These lubes were produced as a pair and were designed to work well together.

MAX Fleet

Used and endorsed by pro speedcuber Max Park, MAX Fleet is produced as a non-Newtonian piece lube with a very high molecular weight, resulting in a material with strikingly unique shear properties. MAX Fleet is extremely quick but with little to no drag.

Note: please exercise caution when dispensing MAX Fleet as it can release in a big stream if dispensed too aggressively.

MAX Command

Used and endorsed by pro speedcuber Max Park, MAX Command is a silicone-based core lube that creates smooth lubricity between metal to non-metal surfaces.

To use, dispense with green tip on springs and screws. MAX Command also works great on edge and corner tracks to give your cube extra control.

Comes with:

  • 5cc syringe of MAX Fleet premium lubricant
  • 5cc syringe of MAX Command premium lubricant
  • 2x green dispensing tips

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
my favorite lubes

lets get my ONE complaint out of the way. fleet comes out wayyy too easily, but if you know what to expect, you can prevent it, making it more of a personal issue that only really happens the first time. fleet makes your cube smooth and fast, and the command on the tracks balances it with control. i'll be honest, i thought the gan xs was totally overrated. I felt like if i put magnets in my RSC (rubiks speed cube, now gan speed cube) it would be better. ill say this, this lube is the best combo ever for the gan xs. i really wanted to like the gan xs, i knew it had potential, but i was doing something wrong. i kept cleaning it out, trying new lube combos, cleaning it out, and doing that over and over. as soon as i put these lubes in (with dnm37 which made it even MORE smooth), the gan xs became amazing. i still have to use it and fully break it in, but just from the first impression of it, its very likely to become my main.

Ethan Z. (United States)

Max Command is pretty good, used it on my new Tornado v3. However, Max Fleet is TERRIBLE. My Gan 11 m pro is missing some speed, as it is WAY too slow. Used two drops of Max Fleet and nothing happened. Kept on trying but still nothing happened. Now my Gan has a terrible gray internal color.

riley w.
love it

I highly recommend this used it in my gan 356 x v2 and am loving it to this day

James Y.
Great/Excellent lube

This lube was great. But the Max fleet was more watery than I thought it was going to be. In other YouTube videos, it looked like a worm, but in reality it is actually a puddle. I like the lube. It is fast and also controllable at the same time.

Goes Great together w/ DNM

I put some of these lubes in my TengYun M 2x2 (along with DNM-37), and it made the cube waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy better than It was OOTB! Definitely recommended!


These lubes really helped out my DaYan 2x2 and my Gan rs. They are much smoother, and the 2x2 is a lot quieter. The Fleet came out really quickly at the beginning and spilled on my cubes, but that was user error. BE CAUTIOUS WHEN DISPENSING THE MAX FLEET. Command came out much more regularly. Overall I'd give it a 4.75 because of the "runniness" of the Fleet.

i need more

this lube is so good in any cube if you use it right and it fits my turning style so well

Amazing new lube

These are some of the best lubes I’ve ever tried! I love the way that they work together. They just make all my cubes feel extremely like my preferred style

Kevin J.

though the max command was exelent, the max fleet was a bit disapointing I would recomend only buying the max command

M. (United States)
This is what 4x4's have been missing!

This combo provides exceptional feel in your puzzle. My YJ MGC 4x4 and Moyu Aosu WRM 4x4 have just never really satisfied the turning feel I'm looking for. other setups always felt way too sluggish like plowing through goo. The max lubes bring back the speed without the drag. The Command lube works great on the core for a little control, while the shear thinning Fleet provides an extremely unique and fast feel on the pieces. They really do work great together. Can't wait to strip down my other puzzles and apply the new setup. Would recommend this for any size cube!