CubeHead's Yoo Bundle

CubeHead's Yoo Bundle


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The Yoo Cube

The Yoo Cube

$3967 $3967

The Yoo Mini Mat

The Yoo Mini Mat

$899 $899

CubeHead Cube Cover

CubeHead Cube Cover

$499 $499

DNM-37 (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

DNM-37 (1cc Sampler)

$299 $299

Cubicle Labs Mystic (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

Cubicle Labs Mystic (1cc Sampler)

$299 $299

Cubicle Silicone Lube - Weight 5 (2cc Sampler) - 2cc

Cubicle Silicone Lube - Weight 5 (2cc Sampler)

$299 $299

Angstrom Dignitas (2cc Sampler) - 2cc

Angstrom Dignitas (2cc Sampler)

$349 $349

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Get a bunch of CubeHead's favorites with the CubeHead Yoo Bundle! 

CubeHead's Yoo Bundle contains the Yoo Cube 3x3, CubeHead Cube Cover, Yoo Mini Mat, and the Yoo Lube Bundle (DNM-37, Mystic, Weight-5, and Dignitas). This is a great way to save on a variety of really cool products designed by CubeHead. 

Manufacturer: Multiple
Type: 3x3,Accessories,Lube Bundle
Gross Weight: 0g
Added: 2022-12-16
Item Weight: 291.0g
Item Weight: 33.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hudson C. (United States)
great bundle

great cube and great person i love that this cube is custom and it comes with cover and mat and diffarent scrambles that are special to him

Riley N. (United States)
It’s really good!

My friend bought the goo cube a few weeks ago and I solved at school and it was amazing I recommend and cubes should buy this!

I.D. (Canada)

Its sooooo slow