GAN 356 i


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Stickerless (Bright)
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The GAN 356 i is the latest in smart-cube technology and utilizes Bluetooth to pair with your Android or Apple device. This 3x3 speed cube is equipped will a gyroscope and full motion tracking, which work in tandem to give you statistics on each solve such as turns per second, rotations, and move count. Log onto the free APP, Cube Station, to time yourself, train, and battle other cubers worldwide! 

The GAN 356 i is also compatible with the GAN ROBOT, a cubing robot that can scramble and solve your cube. 

The cube itself features a brand new design with large internals and quick, crunchy feel. This cube definitely brings the best of both worlds between technology and performance.

Note: In order to charge the puzzle, you must place it in the charging port with the yellow side down. All other configurations will not work.

Returns accepted if product is unopened in its original packaging. 

AKA: GANi, gan 356i, gan356 i, gan 356 i 


Manufacturer: GAN
Type: 3x3
Gross Weight: 360g
Added: 2019-07-22
Dimensions: 56.0mm3
Item Weight: 78.0g

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