MFJS MeiLong Rediminx

MFJS MeiLong Rediminx

MoFang JiaoShi

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Product Description

The MFJS MeiLong Rediminx is designed by Justin Costa and mass produced by MoYu. This dodecahedron puzzle is a combination of the Redi cube and the Megaminx.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer MoFang JiaoShi
Type Minx+
Added 2019-04-25
Gross Weight 165g
Item Weight 133.3g

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
pretty good

This is a fun cube. Even though it isn't especially hard, it's fun to relax with. The turning is surprisingly smooth. It actually turns quite well. This cube is sort of a mix of the ivy cube and megaminx. The color scheme is the same as a megaminx. The shades are nice. The plastic feels great. I always enjoy solving this one.

I highly recommend buying this cube.

Great design and fun solve

This is fun and solves quite differently that the redi cube due to the fact that the faces have an odd number of sides making it possible to flip edges. it is a bid hard to hold and turn but this is only because of the dodecahedron shape and its wide angles that make it hard to get a grip ojn a corner to turn.

Fun puzzle with a few drawbacks

I got this the other day at the same time as the YuXin 8-Petals cube which is basically the cubic version of this puzzle. The dodecahedral version is a lot more interesting than the cube in a few ways, and makes for a more complicated solve. Because the faces are pentagons, making an edge traverse a face switches its orientation. So it's actually possible to get edges in the wrong orientation unlike the cubic version. It's not too hard to fix though. You don't need a special algorithm for it or anything, you can just conjugate any permutation of three edges with moving an edge along one of the faces. So the puzzle ends up being simple enough to still solve intuitively, but more interesting and complicated than the cubic versions of petal puzzles.

So why the four stars? Even though this puzzle is a lot of fun to solve there are a couple of things that really hold it back. The color scheme is awful. The yellow, and especially white and beige sides look almost identical. And the light and dark green are close enough that you can get them mixed up in low lighting as well. Unfortunately this is a problem with a lot of dodecahedral puzzles since they typically try to go with the same coloration as the megaminx, but some do a better job of contrasting than others. I really wish they had gone with a darker beige (or another color entirely) for this puzzle though. The turning is also a bit catchy sometimes too. I know this is a non-WCA puzzle so you can't expect beautiful smooth turning, but the YuXin petal cube really got my expectations up on how good a petal style puzzle can turn. I feel like both of these issues together bring this puzzle down from 5 to 4 stars for me. Still a fun puzzle to play with, but definitely not perfect.

great cube

A great cube. Like many unique cubes, it was challenging to solve but very fun solve. Catches a lot and is a bit scratchy. Great addition to my collection!

Rediminx > Redicube

I usually don't write reviews, but this was a pretty unique puzzle and was impressed by it. I am not sure if it is the first of it's kind, but if you are a fan of the Redicube OR torn between which redi to get... This is the one. There are all the components of the Redicube on this puzzle, plus a trickier last layer.

I did a short video of this puzzle on my small youtube channel if you want to see it.

Great fun!

This puzzle is great. It's not a hard solve, and it's very intuitive, but I do wish I had kept the edge flip algorithm before I threw away the packaging.

It turns pretty smoothly, as long as you keep the layers lined up.

I really like it. Two thumbs up.


I've enjoyed this puzzle so much. The pieces move beautifully, a couple hiccups when I try to rush. Suffice it to say, this is not a speed cube.
It's more prethought and strategy. I love that type of game, puzzle and such. It's good to keep your logic and visualization skills sharp.
If you walk away from it, have to set it down, it looks cool scrambled.

Really challenging

This is a great puzzle for anyone who liked the redi cube. Although, it is a LOT more challenging. I went layer by layer, and each layer gets more difficult. The last layer can be impossible if you have an adjacent edge swap, but after a while of trial and error, you should be able to figure it out. The cube itself turns well for what it is, and it isnt like people will be speedsolving it.


very fun to solve. 10/10 would recommend. I would recommend to lube it with silk and dnm for smoother turning.

Surprisingly challenging

This puzzle looks cool, turns pretty well, and is surprisingly challenging. Like many unique non-WCA puzzles, it has minor problems with catching when the pieces aren't perfectly aligned, but nobody is speedsolving this so it doesn't really matter.

Compared to the Redi cube, the solve is very similar but actually presents a challenge, since the edge pieces can be flipped in place, which is impossible on the cubic version. This adds some welcome complexity. I ended my first solve by figuring out a commutator for two flipped edges around the same corner, which was a lot of fun. The puzzle is also large enough that you don't have to orient the corners first - you can just do it as you go along and ignore corner orientation for the unsolved portions of the puzzle. So, it's not the same up up down down algorithm the entire time.

5 stars because it's new, looks cool, and is a nice relaxing solve that's totally intuituve but not totally trivial. I got two other puzzles in the same order, and I literally forgot about the other puzzles after I started playing around with the Rediminx. I'd like to see an improved version without the minor catching issues and with slightly better turning feel - this would make it a perfect relaxing puzzle.