StackMat Gen5 Bundle

StackMat Gen5 Bundle


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StackMat Pro Timer Gen5

StackMat Pro Timer Gen5

$3299 $3299

SpeedStacks Gen5 Mat

SpeedStacks Gen5 Mat

$1499 $1499

SpeedStacks Gear Bag

SpeedStacks Gear Bag

$899 $899

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The StackMat Gen5 Bundle includes:

  • StackMat Pro Timer Gen5
  • SpeedStacks Gen5 Mat
  • SpeedStacks Gear Bag

This is a fantastic product for the budding speedcuber as well as any cuber who wants the latest gear.

Manufacturer: SpeedStacks
Type: Accessories Bundle
Gross Weight: 0g
Added: 2022-06-16
Item Weight: 136.5g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
E.L. (United States)

Timer works great!
Mat is great and HUGE!
Bag fits tons of puzzles and the mat/timer bundle!
Would recommend to anyone new or experienced!

B.T. (United States)

Its good and affortable

T.L. (United States)

everything good, but bag is kinda small and mat is skinny.

Anonymous (United States)
Excellent Bundle!

Ordered this bundle on the 27th, I came in early today on the 1st! Timer is perfect, love the updated features. This is my first timer, I've used the G4 years ago briefly for cup stacking in school. I think it's great overall, I know a lot of people hate the new look, but it gets the job done without those accidental resets or shutdowns. Plus, the overall size fits my hands perfectly. Even 4-pad mode isn't too bad for speed cubing since your thumbs rest there anyways, though I'm sure everyone including me will stick with the 2-pad mode. The large mat with the new attachment points works as intended, doesn't accidentally pop off or move around. The gear bag is great for holding what's included as well as your cubes, lubes, or other accessories. Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase.