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3 Updates on the Yuxin Little Magic 3x3 M

Posted by Jules Manalang on

Hello everyone, and welcome to our post on the upcoming Yuxin Little Magic 3x3 M! It’s been a while since Yuxin released a 3x3, so we were extremely excited to give it a try. After sampling the cube and doing many solves, here are the top 3 things we think you need to know. 

(1) It has glossy plastic 

Yes, you heard that right! This cube has glossy plastic, making it very easy to grip right out of the box. This sets it apart from its base model, the Yuxin Little Magic 3x3, which has slightly frosted plastic. 

(2) The magnets are medium strength  

The magnets Yuxin selected for this cube are medium strength. While the magnets are on the smaller side, Yuxin’s piece design is relatively thin, making the overall magnetic feel moderate. This gives the cube a very balanced feel with good layers and good M-slices. 

(3) It’s great out of the box! 

Even without lube, the Yuxin Little Magic 3x3 M is smooth and easy to move thanks to the design and the many grooves on the corner pieces. For lubes, we had most success with Angstrom Gravitas and Angstrom Dignitas. Both lubes did very well on the cube. 

We have a video coming out very soon featuring our staff speedcubers if you’d like to know more about our opinions on the cube. Hope you were able to learn something new here!

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