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Interview with Tymon Kolasiński

Posted by Phil Yu on


Tymon is a competitive speedcuber from Poland. To date, Tymon has attended 76 WCA competitions and holds the world record average for Pyraminx (1.86 seconds). In addition to Pyraminx, Tymon is also highly ranked in NxN puzzles, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7. Tymon is also a two-time winner of Cubing at Home, a large ultra-competitive online speedcubing event series. 

See more of Tymon here:

Tymon, we’re fairly certain we’re going to hear your name a lot in future speedcubing events. What’s the proper way to pronounce your name? 

My name’s pretty hard to express using English sounds. The way Phillip Lewicki attempts it is pretty good, trying to pronounce the "si" like "sh", which makes it easier to pronounce the ń right after it. In cubing terms, it’s kind of like choosing one algorithm to have a better case later. The “y” in my name is a little closer to an “e” sound like in “eel” rather than an “i” sound like in “tiger”. 

You got your first Pyraminx world record just after one and a half years of speedcubing activity in the WCA. How did that first record feel? 

My brain was honestly not able to comprehend what had happened. You can even see it in the video of the reaction -- I’m just grabbing my head over and over and laughing not knowing what to even think. 

It’s pretty safe to assume you practice cubing a lot. How much do you practice per day? Is your practice really structured, or do you leave it flexible? 

I leave my practice very flexible, doing alternating untimed and timed solves in order to implement new solutions into solves. Because of this, I actually don't know how much I cube. If I had to conservatively guess, I’d say anything between 4-8 hours per day. 

We had the pleasure of watching you race (and win) against Feliks Zemdegs in a best-of-100 race on Phillip Lewicki’s Twitch stream. How was that experience? 

I felt similar to my first Pyraminx world record, the 2.02 average. I couldn’t and still can’t really comprehend the fact that I beat Feliks. I had looked up to him for years. The first 10ish solves felt like they weren’t even real. 

I honestly was expecting to get 20-30 points. In the end, I was very happy for the opportunity to compete alongside Feliks. 

If you could compete in a best-of-100 race like this against another cuber (from any time period), who would it be?

Hmmm...I think it would have to be Max Park. He's the only person in the world that has gotten close to Feliks’ most recent world records. 

In this community, you’re very affectionately known as the “pseudogod” (this is also a discount code for 5% off your order). What’s the story behind this? 

When TheCubicle was creating discount coupons for Team Cubicle cubers, Michał Rzewuski decided that he wanted his code to be “skewbgod”. So, I thought of the same thing but with “pseudo” since I am considered the best in the world at pseudoslotting. It just happened to be a nice phrase. 

If I had to estimate, I’d say I do about one pseudopair per solve. Here are some examples of my thought process: 

Time and time again, we see you favor the Valk 3 M, which seems like one of your favorite cubes. What about this cube makes you like it so much? 

I think it’s the smooth turn of it. There are no significant bumps while turning just one side (without corner cutting). It also has a nice flow to it when doing many turns continuously. 

For setup, I like heavier silicone lubes like Angstrom Gravitas and Angstrom Dignitas. They smooth out the turning of the Valk 3 M even more and make it feel softer. I’m looking to try the MAX lubes next. 

Do you have any activities you like outside of cubing? 

Before the pandemic I was really enjoying running, but I feel I got very out of shape during quarantine. I am also occasionally dabbling in javascript. 

We hope you can get back to exercising soon! Now for the last question, if you had to describe your cubing style using only three words, what would they be? 

Efficient but slow. 

Many thanks for the interview! We hope you can continue to impress the community with your magical pseudoslotting powers. Best of luck with everything!

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