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QiYi Magnetic Clock
QiYi Magnetic Clock

QiYi Magnetic Clock


  • $32.99 USD


Pi Mod Version

Product Description

The QiYi Clock is a magnetic clock by famous speedcube manufacturer QiYi MoFangGe. This exquisite new clock is fully magnetic, featuring 204 small magnets embedded in the gears and 4 large magnets inside the pins. The exterior of this new clock is designed using intricate inlays instead of traditional printing. For the user’s comfort, QiYi rounded the wheels of the clock to be easily usable without scraping the fingers. Fascinatingly, the QiYi Clock can be tensioned by adjusting its four screws. The QiYi Clock can also be easily opened for lubrication and maintenance.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer QiYi
Type Magic Clocks
Added 2020-08-25
Gross Weight 216g
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 125.3g

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Willem (United States)
Beautifully manufactured!

I'm an old cuber (an old geezer at 27) and I missed out on the Rubik's Clock when I first got into speed cubing and twisty puzzles almost half of my life ago. I feel like it was a more widespread puzzle back then but I never got the chance to purchase one. So when I saw this newly released Clock, made with an elegant design including magnets, I knew I had to finally experience this puzzle.

This Clock is beautifully manufactured with a sleek color scheme: black and white and hints of red. My biggest concern when purchasing was not being sure if the plastic bottom was an attached piece, or a separate stand. I really wanted it to be a separate stand, and indeed it is a completely separate piece only used for displaying, such as on a shelf. The movement of the gears is very smooth, with the magnets adding a nice feel and (I'm guessing) improved gear alignment for the push pins in the middle. I noticed a piece of dust under the clear plastic front so I took it apart to see if I could clean it out. All you need is a small Phillips screwdriver. While it did kind of explode all over the place when I separated the inner two frame pieces of black and white, I had a blast putting it all back together, sans piece of dust. The magnets are not loose, they seem to be snug in their places without being able to loosen and fall out.

When I was a kid, anytime I got a new puzzle I would rush to watch the tutorials on youtube. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I wanted to savor the feeling of exploring new puzzle territory completely blind with this new Clock. I scrambled it up and have had a great time trying to learn this puzzle so far. And it can't be ignored that the beautiful build quality lends a lot to the experience! So far, I think this puzzle will never need lube, but if I felt it needed something in the future, I think something like Traxxas 50k would work perfectly.

I recommend this puzzle to old Clock fans and new Clock fans alike!

Jordan G. (United States)
The Qiyi Square-1 of clock

I cannot put into words to describe how fast this clock is compared to a lingao, all while having a noticeable magnetic click on every turn. The designs of the dials are very detailed and make the lingao feel tacky. I went from averaging mid 7 to almost high 6 instantly after getting this clock, and is the only noticeable time jump I’ve ever had by getting new hardware. This revolutionizes clock just like the Square-1 did a few years ago.

Chris C. (United States)
Very good

Here are the good things about the puzzle. There are actually magnets in the dials, so there is feedback on every turn you do. This means that you never get any lockups due to the pins not being exactly aligned with the hour markings, because the magnets prevent that from happening. The turning resistance is still there when there are 3 or more pins up (and you're turning the corresponding dials), but compared to other clocks on the market, it is much much less especially doing the turn. Only the force required to get the dial spinning is comparably resistive. When doing long sessions with this clock, you don't get nearly as tired out or exhausted compared to other clocks. This is mostly due to how relatively light the actual turning is over. And finally, out of the box this clock is perfect and ready to go. This is literally unheard of for any other clock.

Some bad things. The sides of the plastic casing isn't flattened out, like the shengshou, so you can get some rolling when setting it down. The turning is a bit too light, so you can overshoot. However, the biggest drawback is that the pins are too light. You can get them to swap sides by just shaking the clock a bit forcefully, and you can accidently push them down during inspection.

In summary, this clock is amazing and you will not regret buying it. Out of the box it is literally lightyears ahead of any other clock, and you don't even need to set it up. The first solve I did out of the box was a 6.96, and I averaged mid 8 with the shengshou. My ranking of all the clocks on the market would go like this: Qiyi > magnetic lingao > shengshou > lingao

Isaiah V. (United States)
Pretty good

Its a really good product nice quality ive locked up a couple times with the dials but that was bc of my own bad stuff

Eddie A.
Life changing

This puzzle is amazing! I used the Qiyi clock to get a sub 4 average officially, I’m amazed with the amount of magnets in this puzzle! If you’re going to start clocking definitely get this puzzle, it’s definitely worth the money YouTube video placeholder
Lauren (United States)

This clock is amazing OOTB. It's super smooth and the packaging looks like it was made by apple. XD

Destin (United States)
best mass produced clock

i like the clock it’s alot faster then the shengshou but i’m not a big fan of how loose the pins are. On the qiyi clock i’m able to shake the clock with not a lot of force and all of the pins fall down. not the best clock i’ve tried but best out of the box.

Kelly c. (United States)

Hello there. I see you are interested in this clock. LOOK NO FURTHER!!! The price and well worth it. Very smooth. Took me a little bit to understand everything fully. Never solved a clock before. This is my first and yes, it’s an easy solve once you know what you are doing. Solved it a few times and loved every bit of it.

Nate (United States)
Almost TOO Fast.

I dont know if its just me, but the ability to almost free spin this made it quite difficult to scramble. I was hoping the gear magnets would be a little bit stronger. However, still the best clock I've ever received. The colors are nice, smooth OOTB. Brought me from 14 avg to 9 avg in under 100 solves.

Kaique d.O.N. (United States)
Nice and Fun

The clock is one of my favorite puzzles, and the turning of the qiyi clock just makes it even more fun. It's perfect, the magnets on the pins are really nice and i find it really relaxing just pressing them.
if you don't have one definitely go with the qiyi clock, it's quite expensive but worth the price. don't go with the shengshou one, it's way more cheap but nothing compares with the qiyi clock.
Also mine is lubes with gravitas, it makes it a little bit smoother. i don't even know how to lube a clock, but it makes it better.