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Holiday 2019

Welcome to our Holiday 2019 page! Here, you can find information on our holiday activities, sales, and events, as well as other fun and convenient links.


At TheCubicle, we strive not only to process orders quickly, but also be transparent about fulfillment and shipping timelines.
This is why we created this shipping calendar for you to use as a guideline as to when orders should be placed by, to arrive before December 25. These suggestions are very conservative and based on what we have observed in past years around the holiday season. Orders placed on or before the highlighted dates above using the shipping method specified are virtually guaranteed to reach you before December 25. In general, we strongly recommend that you place your order sooner rather than later, as we understand how time-sensitive your purchase can be.
To ensure that you receive your orders in a timely manner, we will be fulfilling orders up to 7 days a week for the entire month of December (orders prepped for shipment on Sundays will be dropped off at the Post Office on Monday mornings).
Notice to customers outside the United States:
The transit time of packages shipped using USPS First Class International is highly variable from area to area. For destinations in Canada, EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore, we have observed that this shipping method can take between 4 and 10 days. As with all international shipments, please be advised there is a possibility of your order being held by customs while the courier or your country's customs authorities attempt to reach out to you. This may result in some delays. As always, we recommend you provide your contact phone number during checkout.

Tracking Links

Got a package you want to check up on? Here are some useful links to make the process faster!




Best Cubes of 2019

We recently released our "Best Cubes of 2019" video! This video is an overview of the best performing puzzles across a wide variety of WCA categories. Puzzles featured in this video contain products from GAN, MoYu, QiYi, YJ, and Yuxin.

We also made a collection for these puzzles, so you can see them all in one place.


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