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CH X-Man Tornado V2 3x3 - Stickerless (Bright)
CH X-Man Tornado V2 3x3 - Stickerless (Bright)
CH X-Man Tornado V2 3x3 - Stickerless (Bright)

CH X-Man Tornado V2 3x3 (Magnetic Core)

Cuber's Home

  • $40.99 USD



This product has been discontinued indefinitely or we aren't sure when it will be back in stock.

Product Description

The Cubers' Home X-Man Tornado V2 isn't your standard Tornado V2. This one has corner/core magnets that give the puzzle a more uniform magnetic feel. If you're a fan of the Tornado, but want something extra, this is what you're looking for.

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Please note that some new cubes when being used for the first few times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is when one or more parts of a puzzle pop out without any damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time during normal usage. Pops are typically not considered a defect if the parts which come off can be reassembled by hand.

The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Cuber's Home
Type 3x3
Added 2021-07-07
Gross Weight 305g
Dimensions 55.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 76.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Vikas J. (United States)
Instant Main!

Got the cube earlier today! Unboxing experience is the best I've had in a very long time. In the box you get:

- cube in a storage case that fits 3x3's
- a screwdriver tool WHICH is amazing since it has 3 additional bits which are all magnetically held. It contains: a philips-4 to tension traditional screws, a mini-philips-4, a flat head that can tension the tornado v2m, wrm 2021, and dengyun's magnets, and the core tensioning tool
- a premium faux leather cube bag
- bunch of cards and papers

Cube OOB is pre-lubed, magnets were on 3 (medium: 1 which is at minus (-) are the weakest and 5 is at plus (+) are strongest), spring compression and elasticity are all at 3 as well.

First turns, SMOOTH, fast, and really quiet. Quiet is almost as quiet as the tengyun v1. It immediately reminds me of a GAN 356M which isn't a bad thing, but with so much easier turning and more controlability (the center core magnets may have something to do with this). However, the OOB settings + the pre-lubrication was way too fast for me.

My set up: 3 for tensions, 4 for elasticity, magnets on 3. Lubed 1 edge's tracks with gravitas and 2 trops of compound X on pieces. After break in, I added 2 drops of DNM for some speed. This cube does eat up lube like gan puzzles, so using a silicone lube over gravitas may be ideal (or keep re-applying gravitas hahaha)

This lube and set up works perfectly for my turning style. It corner cut's without an issue however cant reverse cut line-to-line but that's not a deal breaker.

I don't have a traditional tornado v2m to compare this too, but this after the few hundred solves I did, immediately my new main. Plus the added screwdriver w/interchangeable bits is the only tool I'll keep in my speedcube bag! It has everything I need hahaha

Just wanted to add here, the magnet adjusting system is A LOT EASIER AND STURDIER compared with the WRM 2021. Adjusting snaps easily, you can actually see the magnets moving in and out, and I didnt have to pray the edge caps off this cube to fix any broken mechanisms like I had to do with the WRM 2021. That being said, the WRM 2021 is my back-up main

Artemio O. (United States)
Main Worthy!

I purchased this on July 9th, once I received it on the 16th I knew It was gonna be my new main. I used to main the Gan 11 M Pro until the original Tornado V2 came out, now that this "enhanced" version was released I immediately replaced my original for it to main. Overall it's an excellent cube for the price. The magnetic core really does make a difference in the feel and turning of the cube. The looser the settings, the better the corner cutting. I have 109 solves with this version, 251 solves with the original version, and 423 solves with the Gan 11 M Pro.

My settings are 2 tension, 2 elasticity, 4 magnet strength. With these settings you get pretty good corner/reverse corner cutting while maintaining speed and control. Cleaned out factory lube and used combination of Stardust and Lunar for pieces. You will have to re-lube frequently but only every hundred solves or so. I take this cube with me everywhere. It's my new main, with the original Tornado V2 as my backup main, then the Gan 11 M Pro as my secondary backup. Honestly I only use this cube and don't really touch the other cubes anymore.

I highly recommend this cube!!

Anonymous (United States)
This thing is absolutely amazing!

First off, the packaging is amazing! Now out of the box, it was airy, smooth, and quiet but was a little fast and slightly uncontrollable; but I was still blown away at how the turning feels. After many2x solves later and setting it up with DNM and Mystic, 3 tension, 4 elasticity, and 2 magnets, it became very controllable to me. The feel of this cube is amazing; It's light, smooth, and buttery while being really stable & controllable. This cube is also very effortless to turn just like my Gan 11 duo ootb. This cube has that magnet snap just like the duo.

In terms of corner-cutting, I honestly don't have a problem with its corner-cutting performance; though, if you manually reverse corner-cut line to line, it won't cut. Its corner-cutting isn't bad as I originally thought it would. The fluidity of my solves is still amazing, it rivals my Gan 11 duo.

For the magnets, they really snap into their place really well which is probably why the cube is so stable and controllable. One thing to say though is if you are a harsh turner, you might overshoot more than usual.... kinda sad... UNLESS you lube it with heavy lubes! It can get slower and much much more controllable. This cube reacts to lubes really2x well! You can definitely set this cube up to your preference. (I like mine with lighter lubes)

The best thing about this cube is the feel and its aesthetic. The cube looks aesthetically pleasing plus the turning feels like butter, I couldn't be much happier.

This cube shines even more if you're an accurate turner or slow but efficient with CFOP.

EDIT: This cube has become my main over the Gan 11 Duo. After weeks of using both cubes, I like the Tornado a lot more. The CH-Tornado is just a lot smoother, easier to turn, and surprisingly I don't get that many catches or lockups compared to the Gan Duo (maybe cuz of the size?)

HUDO D.A. (Brazil)
Awesome Cube

After testing the tornado v2 without a magnetic core, I decide to buy the CH version. This gave me much more stability and now, it is my new main over the Gan 11 m pro. I recommend it a lot.

Alpha _. (United States)
Great compared to other flagships!

I recently got this and it is amazing. It's near silent, fast but controllable, and the corner-core magnets seriously help. As well, unlike most reviews of it mine has pretty great corner cutting, with 50° normal cuts and even up to 60° reverse cuts, and it can go up to 5° further but not as easily. The dual adjustment system does get a bit annoying if you accidentally make a double turn while tensioning, but I think it looks great, although the one problem I have is on higher tensions it can be really hard to get the caps off because the cube just slips out of my fingers. The cube also feels sturdier than my Gan 356 XS which is a great plus. Unfortunately, the one drawback of this cube is it's size, which is a plus for some people. I have quite large hands, which makes this 55 mm cube feel objectively smaller than any modern speedcube I use (think rs3m, gan flagships) so that size can be uncomfortable but after a bit of maining it you do get used to it. Overall, this cube is an amazing addition to my flagship collection, and I would highly recommend it for it's cheap price for how much it offers!

David (United States)
Favorite cube by far

I am pretty new to cubing, but this is by far my favorite cube. It is definitely my main, over Gan 356 XS, and CH WRM 2021 maglev. This cube is smooth and clicky. On most cubes like the WRM and XS I have magnet strength on highest and it still isn't enough. On the CH Tornado I have edge magnets at 3 of 5. It's also the only other cube besides my Gan to have a truly premium feel, from packaging to quality control. I love the black internals, red magnets with the yellow ring. The dual adjustment system is my favorite/fastest of any cube. Love this cube and would recommend to anyone look for a great premium feeling cube.

Oscar L. (Australia)
Super impressed!

My god... This cube is so insanely good i would prefer this over gan 356 xs(My backup main) like i put this on the loosest settings and its still stable. I would definitely recommend this cube!

CubeAssist (United States)

This cube surprised me because it actually beat out the 60$ Gan 11 M Pro. I did not have the original X man tornado v2 before this one so I cannot compare how much better the core magnets really are but I honestly REALLY like this cube. Even the packaging it came in was incredible! The box was premium and there were some cool cards inside. I also really like their screw driver because it combines different tips into one tool. I saw quite a lot of reviews saying that the corner cutting was terrible but with my settings I could do 45's easily. Here are my personal settings for this cube...
My settings under the caps are 4 for the smaller colored part and 2 clicks on the larger part. Those settings feel exactly like my Gan 11 M Pro and if you are coming from that cube I would highly recommend these settings. For the magnets my settings are on the middle setting. I think it so cool that there are 5 different magnet strengths although I will say that it is inconvenient that you have to change the magnet strength on both sides of every edge instead of just one side of each corner on the Gan 11 M Pro. And lastly this cube has been lubed with just 1 drop of DNM-37. This cube came pre-lubed and I'm not sure what's in there but its good! DNM-37 is, in my opinion, the best lube around. I have also tried speedy, silk, and mystic and this one is still my favorite. It is fast, controllable, and really smooth. I only lubed the cube on the pieces though and not in the tracks or springs. I think that no matter what cube you are coming from this will be a good fit for you. I recently got my hands on some of the top speed cubes now a days including, the entire Gan 11 series, The WRM Maglev CH edition, and the Gan 356 XS and I can tell you that this cube beats all of them. Now that I got this cube there seems to be no reason why you should jump to big expensive Gan cubes when you can just buy this for 40$ and get a better cube. REALLY IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY AND YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW CUBE THIS IS THE CUBE FOR YOU. 5 STARS!!!

Rostyslav L. (Ukraine)
The best cube. Ever.

Very stability, fast and smooth cube from the box, so pretty feelings of solving

Mathias K.
My favorite 3x3

This cube is incredible! Amazing speed, corner cutting, and controllability! It's corner cutting is much better than the og, and it's super smooth! My only problem is the bright yellow rings around the magnets, which are kinda distracting during solves. My main 3x3s are the GAN 11 M Duo, the RS3 M 2020, and this. Of all of the (3x3) cubes I have ever felt, this is my absolute favorite so far!