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GAN 13 M MagLev Matte finish with box behind GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3 GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3 GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3 GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3
GAN 13 M MagLev Matte finish with box behind
GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3
GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3
GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3
GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3
GAN 13 M MagLev Matte finish with box behind
GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3
GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3
GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3
GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3

GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3


  • $58.99 USD


Make it fast!
We'll set up the puzzle so it's fast out of the box.

Product Description

The GAN13 M MagLev Matte 3x3 is the famous manufacturer's latest flagship 3x3 with a frosty finish. This puzzle is loaded with 88 magnets! 8 core magnets, 56 piece magnets, 12 repulsion magnets, and 12 maglev rings all come together to give you the most amazing 3x3 ever conceived. 

This speedcube is fully adjustable meaning you can fine tune the compression/travel distance, the tension, and the magnet strength. All combined, this gives you 216 unique different set ups. 
And with all of this tech packed into this small package, it still manages to be one of the lightest 3x3s currently available at 71g.

Comes with:
  • GAN13 MagLev Matte
  • GAN box
  • GAN bag
  • Tuning stick
  • Beginner tutorial
  • Tuning manual
  • GAN ID card
  • Adjustment tool

aka: GAN 13

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The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer GAN
Type 3x3
Added 2022-09-13
Gross Weight 240g
Dimensions 56.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 71.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
I. (United States)

Recently got this cube and is amazing. Very fast.

Troy W. (United States)

Wow. All I can say is wow (I say more here ->) This is the most I could ever ask for. Ever. This cube is so good, so fast, and I never need to corner cut because it aligns itself automatically. I love this cube, 100% mainworthy. I do not recommend this cube due to the hefty pricetag, but it is the best cube out there at all. I love this cube, my new main by far. My times improved by 3 seconds over my old main. (Gan 11) avg 23 seconds -> 20 seconds. I love this cube so much. It is my baby. (Or at least I treat it as my baby)

Matt c. (United States)
Great cube love it

I use this cube every day. I love the way you can adjust everything! this cube made by best solve go down by 6 seconds compared to Gan 356 M. Thanks Cubicle! Thanks Gan!

Hhh (United States)
This cube rocks

This cube is fast! My average of 30 seconds dropped down to 20! This is a amazing cube but it is very pricey. I now use this as my main. Thanks Gan

Magnus (Norway)
Super good but..!

This cube is good! I broke my sub 7 barrier with a single of 6.81 (full step) for reference my previous pb was 7.75 with a pll skip which I set on the Tornado V3, which a lot of people (including myself) liked more than the Gan 13! The sad part is that the core broke 3 days after I got the pb single. This was soon 2 months ago.
But Thecubicle being so nice gave me a core for free! Many of the ones that are reading these reviews based on peoples lives experiences are wondering what cube to buy in 2023 and my answer is X-Man Tornado V3 M Flagship! Because it is very smooth, tactile and not super fast as the pioneer.
Sure the Gan 13 is still really good but I see no reason buying this over the Tornado V3 Flagship!
So pretty much buy the X-Man Tornado V3 M Flagship or even The Yoo Cube Deluxe V2! Happy Cubing 😆😜😎!

Jasper H. (Netherlands)
Better than Tornado V3

A lot of people say the tornado is better but i prefer the gan for sure.

Kai (Japan)

This was the perfect cube for me. I have a rough and inaccurate turning style, but this worked for me. I had a lot of corner twists but I so far had no corner twists over 50 solves.
I already broke my pr a day of use.

Skyden N. (Australia)

Get tornato v3 in stead of this expensive bad boy but if you have the money go for it

not r. (United States)

smoothest cube i ever turned im happy with my purchase :)

Aiden L. (United States)
Gan 13 maglev

It's great, it is missing a corner core magnet in the red green white corner though.

Thanks for your review, and I am sorry to hear about the missing magnet! This is extremely unusual for GAN cubes, but if you send us an email with your order number and some pictures of the piece, we will work with you to find a solution.

-Greg S