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Lee Ghost Cube 4x4 Lee Ghost Cube 4x4 - Black (Silver) Lee Ghost Cube 4x4 Lee Ghost Cube 4x4
Lee Ghost Cube 4x4
Lee Ghost Cube 4x4 - Black (Silver)
Lee Ghost Cube 4x4
Lee Ghost Cube 4x4
Lee Ghost Cube 4x4
Lee Ghost Cube 4x4 - Black (Silver)
Lee Ghost Cube 4x4
Lee Ghost Cube 4x4

Lee Ghost Cube 4x4

Calvin's Puzzle

  • $58.99 USD


Black (Silver)
Black (White)
White (Black)

Product Description

The Lee Ghost Cube 4x4 is a 4x4 shape modification made by attaching 3D printed extensions to a standard puzzle. All the sides have the same color stickers because you solve this one by shape. If you've tried the 3x3 ghost cube, you know these puzzles are no joke. Good luck with this one!

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Please note that some new cubes when being used for the first few times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is when one or more parts of a puzzle pop out without any damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time during normal usage. Pops are typically not considered a defect if the parts which come off can be reassembled by hand.

The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Calvin's Puzzle
Type Shape Mods
Added 2021-10-20
Gross Weight 372g
Dimensions 93.0mm3
Item Weight 320.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
SC243 (United States)
Poor quality

My son purchased this after saving his money for a while. He had it maybe 2weeks before it wasn't turning properly and the stickers were barely holding on. Upon inspection of the inside, the core had a crack through the plastic and it was preventing it from turning correctly. He's very disappointed that it broke. He's 15 and takes very good care of his cubes.

Leibniz (United States)
Disappointing experience

So I was looking forward to getting a mass-produced 4x4 ghost cube, especially seeing as how most of the hand-modded ones I’ve seen range in the hundreds of dollars. Still not cheap, but it’s something. I first ordered the six-colored version, because I knew it would be difficult as is and thought that’d make it easier, plus it looked cool. But when it finally arrived with my order containing several other puzzles, the stickers looked dirty. I guess it’s just the 3D-printed plastic texture showing through, but I was still annoyed and disappointed, because frankly, it looked like crap. The photo on the site doesn’t portray that at all if that’s how they all are. So I sent it back and the Cubicle customer service was very helpful, they sent me a pre-paid postage label, so I didn’t have to pay anything to send it back. I then asked for the silver stickers version, thinking that wouldn’t show the texture as much. Then I get that one finally and the stickers are all dirty with fingerprints and dust inside the puzzle, which is especially odd since it was sealed inside of a plastic bag. Given my anticipation and how expensive the puzzle is, this has been really an unfortunate experience, especially since I’ve never had this problem with puzzles from the Cubicle before. I still love the Cubicle, but I’m also still waiting for them to reply to my last email about the situation. Hopefully this isn’t indicative of others’ experiences, but just be aware if you’re interested in getting this cube. Also, it’s freakin’ huge. I didn’t read the dimensions before ordering it, but it’s the largest puzzle I have by a long shot. I thought the Lee mirror 4x4 was chönky, but this thing takes the cake. It’s kind of hard to hold, and I don’t have small hands. Also, it turns well enough but it’s extremely loose, which could make solving accidents more likely, something you don’t want with such an already difficult and complex puzzle. All things to consider.

Dave (United States)

This is a great puzzle, but it has real problems.
I have bought this puzzle three times. The quality seems to vary a good bit. The first one I bought works great and I like it a lot. The mechanism is a bit awkward, and so straightening things out and getting it to turn without jamming can be a bit of a struggle. But I love the puzzle as a puzzle. That is why I have bought it three times.

I bought the second because I thought I might've been a bit rough with the first, and if I was more gentle things might work better. But the second actually seemed worse than the first out of the box. And then two or three pieces of the puzzle fell out. This model apparently is constructed by attaching 3D printed pieces on a normal rubic cube. The internal cube stayed intact, but the connection between it and the outer ghost bits failed. I repaired it with some super glue. It seems to be okay now, but it is harder to turn easily than the first one.

The first had colored stickers, the second had silver stickers. I bought another one with colored stickers to see if there was any consistency. There is not. The third has been the worst of all. At least seven of the pieces have fallen out. I glued them back in, more fell out. I’m not sure whether my repairs are failing or I will eventually need to repair every piece once. It seems that the interior cube had stickers on it, and the outer pieces stick well to the stickers, but the stickers don't stick to the interior cube well.

I really love the design of this cube. I wish it was easier to turn the faces and line things up. Perhaps I just need to “break in” the newer puzzles. I remember having trouble with the first one, but now it is by far the easiest to deal with. I guess the friction of use has worn down some rough edges. I also have become more skilled at holding it in a way that doesn't push the layers out of alignment.

If you buy it, treat it gently, but be prepared to glue it back together in any case. I’ve never had to repair my first one, so maybe you will get lucky.

N.D.I. (Canada)
Not perfect, however a great challenge

This puzzle defiantly is not a perfectly made puzzle by any means. However I did very much enjoy this puzzle as it gave me a challenge very few puzzles I have tried have given me. The puzzle has a very scratchy feel and sound. It is much bigger than I expected and is about the size of my Shengshou 8x8. If you can get past the size and loud scratchy sound and feel I would recommend this puzzle as it was a great challenge and a puzzle I will be mind boggled attempting to solve each time I scramble it.


Cool product, bad design choices. The extensions are glued on top of the stickers for whatever reason. This makes the super glue completely pointless, as the pieces are held on by the stickers glue and not the super glue. A handful of pieces will fall off, but they are easy to glue back on. It just shouldn’t be a problem to begin with, considering removing stickers is easy and takes little to no effort.

If you see this and realize it’s the same review for the ghost 3x3x2, that’s because it is. The same ignorant design choice was made here, but I can’t knock the most affordable ghost 4x4 TOO much. I just find it ridiculous that I have to point this out tho. Removing the original stickers is a no brainer for just about every shape mod, especially one like this.

Anthony D. (United States)
Poorly glued extensions

The quality of the extensions was adequate, though they are very poorly attached to the puzzle. I have turned the puzzle cautiously, though I have had 3 different extensions fall off. I have yet to solve the puzzle because I keep having pieces fall off and I feel as if I will have to disassemble it and reinforce it will apoxie sculpt or something similar before I will be able to do that.

Luke H. (United States)
Poor Quality

It’s a cool puzzle but the quality makes it not as enjoyable as I would’ve hoped. For close to $60 I would expect it not to feel like the pieces are going to fall out while I’m turning it.