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Moretry Tianma X3 V4 3x3 (MagLev) - Stickerless (Bright)
Moretry Tianma X3 V4 3x3 (MagLev) - Stickerless (Bright)
Moretry Tianma X3 V4 3x3 (MagLev) - Stickerless (Bright)

Moretry Tianma X3 V4 3x3 (MagLev)


  • $32.99 USD


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Product Description

The Moretry Tianma X3 V4 (MagLev) is a 3x3 from the new company that features traditional corner/edge magnetization along with corner base/edge magnets. This version includes enlarged corner base magnets, allowing them to interact with a repelling magnet in the centers to aid with alignment. 

The MagLev version replaces the traditional spring with a magnetic levitation system that has 6 magnetic rings instead of 2 for a more linear tensions.
Comes with:
Moretry Tianma X3 V4 3x3 (MagLev)
Moretry microfiber cloth
Anti-fog lens wipe

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Moretry
Type 3x3
Added 2022-03-14
Gross Weight 294g
Dimensions 55.5mm3
Magnets Magnetic

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mary T. (United States)

I got this for my 11 year old grandson and to say he loves it would be an understatement! It’s definitely his favorite, and he has a lot of cubes of all kinds! He showed me how smoothly it moves, how fast it can be. He even loves the box it came in! I have to agree it is well-made and a pretty cool looking box. Thanks for making this limited edition available.

Kenneth M. (United States)
New age speed cube

I just received my v4 3 days ago and I'm really loving it. Out of the box its the fastest cube I have ever used. After some adjustments like setting 9 and a half turn on each screw, I added some angstrom gravitas to the core and pieces. I also added cubicle silk and with some brake in time it has become very very good. I have not put it down since it arrived. A must try..

Carter J. (United States)
Best cube ever. Simple as that.

This is my best cube. For reference, I have the Gan 12, the Moyu WRM, both the Tornado V2 AND V3, the RS3M, the MGC Evo, the Tengyun v2, Qiyi MS, Dayan Guhong v4, and even a store bought Rubiks brand. This cube is the best.

For 33 dollars (28 for the snap), this cube is one you just have to get. The feet magnets add extra stability to this puzzle, and the snap tech pushes the layer into a position where cornercutting can take over (unlike the gan 12, which just aligns from a position where cornercutting would take over anyway), as well as adding some SWEET, SWEET TACTILITY. (Side note: For those who saw my previous review, this has, in fact, beat out the Gan 12 and become my main.) I tend to like faster puzzles, (this is literally the fastest cube on the planet and I put DNM37 in it to speed it up) so if you know you won't like the fastest cube in history, you might want to try the cheaper snap version instead. The M-slices seem completely uncontrollable at first, coming from a slower cube, but after some practice I can do U-perms and Z-perms in microseconds, literally twice as fast as any other cube. In most other aspects, the performance is identical to cubes such as the WRM, Tornado V3 and the Gan 12. But the fancy snap magnets and unrivaled reverse corner cutting edges out the competition to make this the best cube I own. I honestly have no idea why this cube isn't getting more attention. (For those wondering, I average 13 seconds.)

There used to be a problem with the cube where the centers break due to the caps being too tight, but moretry has fixed this problem, and in the newer batches the centers will not break. However, if your centers DO start to break and you were unlucky enough to get one from the earlier batch, thecubicle will provide replacement centers for free. I've installed these new centers on my cube and have not experienced any problems, so it seems to be completely fixed.

SUMMARY: My best cube and my main. I average 13 seconds. It's extremely fast, so if you don't want that, try the non-maglev snap version instead. If you got one from an earlier batch with the faulty centers, just ask for replacement centers, thecubicle will provide them for free. It's reverse cornercutting is simply unrivaled. The snap tech is great, because it pushes the layer into a state where cornercutting can take over, which enhances the performance. At 33 dollars, this cube is awesome. Just awesome.

MY SETUP: I use a few drops of lubicle speedy combined with one or two drops of DNM37. I have the center travel distance set so when I pull apart the edges to test, I can just BARELY see the primary feet of the edges. I have the springs on setting one, although settings 2-4 work great too.

Thanks for your detailed review! I just confirmed that the Tianmas that are shipping now already have the updated centers installed, but if anyone who is reading this has an old version with cracks, feel free to contact us for replacements.

-Greg S

Devin G.
Just one flaw…

So this is an amazing cube disregarding this one GLARING flaw that I have not seen anyone else mention. When you twist the corner, the magnets POP out (look at image for reference). So as long as you don’t twist the corners, have fun cubing with this great cube!

Anonymous (United States)
Great Cube

This is easily the best cube I've ever used. It is so fast out of the box, but the magnets inside the cube really help slow the cube down. The box it came in is really cool and has a very premium feel to it. I love the maglev technology. The corner-cutting is almost perfect. At first, it will be really easy to do double rotations instead of single rotations, but I put the cube on the strongest setting (9) and added some Mystic lube to help slow it down. Now, it is a great cube and is my new favourite cube. I think MoreTry has a lot of potential as a cube company and I'm excited to see what they make in the future!

Tai V. (United States)
One word. Godly

If you want a "expensive" cube for cheap then this is the one. It's incredibly fast and controllable. The version 4 is the one I chose and I can say you want to get this absolutely. The cube can tolerate A LOT of your mistakes. I have been struggling with my V perm and G perms since they use D moves but this cube just ignores those and make my algorithms much smoother. It's incredibly light, when I switched from the RS3M it felt like I just went up 10 levels of cubing technology. Even with the level 5 tension it still feels incredibly fast (maglev reacts differently to this). Overall I highly suggest this cube over the X man tornado or any other cube around this price. Although It still isn't as good as the Gan 11m Pro but I don't feel any difference between them.

C.L. (Hungary)
it's okay

Basically if a cube doesn't replace your main or you can't reach your normal times with it, then the cube has zero reason to exist. Why would anyone spend money for something that is unnecessary besides the main cube? So it's not bad but you won't change a good cube to this.
It could be the best cube if it was not flexible.

Roger T.I. (United States)

This is probably the best cube of 2023 so far. We found it to have a the easiest corner cutting out of any cube we've tried so far. The cube needed some adjustments out of the box to avoid popping. However, after that it's been a great cube. It's not quiet like the Tornado but feels more controllable. It has the Gan 13 maglev airy feel while turning. Without the catches. After the unboxing we quickly noticed how well this cube performed. The coating is a high gloss with similar plastic to the Gan 13. It's really everything the 13 should have been to beat the Tornado V3 pioneer but wasn't.

Unlike some others we haven't had any magnets popping out. We've put this cube through at least 500 solves with no issues an adjustment couldn't fix. There is no question this is a faster puzzle. This is now one of our competition cubes. It beats out Gan 13, Tornado V3 Pioneer, and the Diansheng MS3x

Joshua (United States)
Great cube

This cube is amazing but is very fast and strong magnets but you do need some lube to slow it down and the magnet positioning gives it a very unique feel which is nice but I suggest the wrm v9 ballcore which is also fast but can be much easier controlled but is my favorite cube.

Dan L. (United States)

Fast, high-performance cube. Has a slightly crunchy feel and the factory lube is not very good. Put in your own lubes and it should be good.