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GAN Robot
GAN Robot
GAN Robot

GAN Robot


  • $74.99 USD

Product Description

The GAN Robot is a new smart tool made by GAN to complement its more recent puzzles, the GAN356 i and the GAN356 XS. By connecting to Cube Station users can use the GAN Robot to interact with their GAN puzzles. This leads to a cooler and more convenient way to experience these high end speed cubes.


To insert cube, rotate robot arms counterclockwise until they release.

Then push the small button that expands the arms and makes room for the puzzle.

Insert puzzle and ensure that the cube's center caps fit snugly with the robots claws and that everything is properly aligned.

The GAN356 XS may require additional center cap accessories to be compatible with the robot.

The underlying software (Cube Station) of GAN's smart cube products are controlled and managed by GANCube.

For technical questions please contact them directly at

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Please note that some new cubes when being used for the first few times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is when one or more parts of a puzzle pop out without any damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time during normal usage. Pops are typically not considered a defect if the parts which come off can be reassembled by hand.

The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer GAN
Type Accessories
Added 2019-12-30
Gross Weight 860g

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
David S. (United States)

GAN robot is cool and fun to watch! 5 stars on quality and construction , 2 stars on the app. yes the app is buggy and needs a lot of help. I am very annoyed in the fact that the user needs to 'log in' to use functions not related to connectivity. You need to photograph the six sides of the cube for each solve or purchase the 356iv2 cube . When using the 356i with the robot , all three devices need to stay close to each other or signal will be lost which can spoil the fun .I would REALLY like to see a true STAND ALONE robot that will scramble and solve . With all it's shortcomings , I would still recommend it as it is awesome

Jan C. (United States)
Way cool IMHO

Hi. My newest obsession is smart Rubik's Cubes, which I use in magic routines. I use a GAN 356i V2 cube with this robot, which arrived today, and here are my first impressions. The robot works fine for my purpose, which is to scramble the cube. I quickly found out that for me, the most tedious part of practicing cube solves is the scrambling. I'm not worried about the robot solving the cube because I want the practice. I won't go into unboxing the robot but the little manual does a fair job of explaining how to properly position everything before starting. But be sure to line up the bottom claw with the little calibration marks on the base or the claws won't properly engage the cube!

First of all, to use this one MUST download, register with, and use the CubeStation app. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max with OS 14.4.1. The app often requires me to completely exit it, then start it again, to get beyond the frequent "Unable to get server version number" messages. To register, you have to choose the "Register with email" option because it only shows Chinese area codes if you try to register with your phone number. You input your email, choose a password, and hit "Verify." Then you should get an email with a verification code to put back into the app. If memory serves, the code is only good for 60 seconds. Input your verification code and you're in.

Once the app is running, the next step is to connect the robot and your cube. The robot has no power indicator as far as I can see, so I just hoped it was working after I plugged it in. It was, but a little power LED would have been nice. Then in the CubeStation app, you find the little Practice icon at the lower middle (between the trophy and the mortarboard icons), which takes you to the practice section. Then select the Robot option. When successfully connected, the robot arms spin a little to reset themselves. IT IS CRUCIAL to let this occur BEFORE putting your cube in the robot, every time. Otherwise, it won't sync up properly with the cube.

It also helps to be sure that the orientation of the cube matches the cube displayed on the screen. Every time I start the app when my 356i connects, the little cube shown is all scrambled, even if it's actually solved. Anyhow go into the "Cube Manage" section (little cube icon at bottom right, below the picture of the cube) and press the "Reset Cube" icon, which is the bottom right option below the little camera icon.) After doing so, the picture of the cube should reset to the solved state.

Next, compare your cube to the picture in the app. If it doesn't match, drag the little cube pic with your finger to get the sides to match. One may only rotate the cube icon on its "Y" axis. This may take a little practice, I'm unsure how precise the GAN 356i V2's gyroscope is. And all this being said, it is possible to use the app to photograph each side of the cube and then let the robot solve it. I haven't tested that because I want to be the one doing the solution. In fact, this is the ONLY way to use the robot with a non-Bluetooth cube, such as the GAN 356 XS, which comes with some replacement center caps one may use with the robot. So while it won't scramble a 356 XS, it can solve one using photographs.

Once the cube matches its onscreen display, the next step is to put the cube in the robot. You rotate the base counterclockwise and press the mechanical button on the base to open the arms. Then insert the cube, press the arms in gently and get the little claws to grasp each center cap. There is a fifth claw, BTW, in the base, which must be put in correctly before starting, but the manual mentions this. Another point: the robot is expecting your cube to have the yellow side up and the green side facing forward but this isn't really necessary for everything to work. After inserting the cube, turn the base clockwise to lock the arms.

Now press the "Random" button and the robot scrambles the cube. It's pretty sweet! A few times the robot seemed to stop after only two moves. But if I wait, it eventually scrambles. I'm getting a 19-22 move scramble every time. There is a timer option also, where the app scrambles the cube then gives you a predefined inspection time before starting the timer. So I just let the robot do the scramble and I remove the cube and solve it, over and over. It never tires of doing the scrambles, unlike me! Also, the CubeStation app has a lot of other training features and online battling and so on, which I have yet to explore. I've cut a minute off my PB with all the practice. Love this so far.

Mark (United States)
Cool concept and fun to use

The robot works exactly as expected. The only issue with the robot itself is that it is very loud, meaning I can't use it if as frequently as I would like. Even still, it's fun and I don't regret the purchase. Now with that being said, the "cube station" app is absolutely terrible. And since you need the app in order to use the robot, it's a problem. It is confusing and not at all intuitive. Once you figure it out it works fine, it's just a headache to use.

SV (United States)
Great piece of kit!

Love the device. Use it to scramble and allows me to spend more time solving rather than scrambling manually. Also gives me more confidence my solve times are based on good consistent scrambles. Check the cube sits tight in there otherwise the robot might not scramble properly.

Jose (Canada)
Awesome tool for learning CFOP!

I absolutely love this thing, it's speeding up my learning of CFOP. Works just as expected!

gavin l. (United States)

its ok but i needs an app and i cant use it all the time because i dont have a smart phone 😡

Kyle L. (United States)
Gan Robot

This is the only robot that solves rubik’s cubes so without opposing products it’s difficult to determine how good or bad this is. It’s good tho.

Jillian E. (United States)
Loved it!

This was a great product, and it works very well. It was definitely worth the price and the app is easy to use and connects well. Having a smart cube is super helpful with this and I couldn’t say enough good things about this amazing product.

Mikel R. (United States)

GAN Robot

Nate (United States)
Walled garden

Really fun to watch this thing operate, but cube station is pretty medium, and only working with the smart cubes makes it pretty not great.