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Angstrom Lube Bundle 1

Angstrom Lube Bundle

Angstrom Research

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The Angstrom Lube Bundle is a lube bundle containing two widely used lubricants by Angstrom Research: Gravitas and Dignitas. Get both and save! Each lube comes with a medical grade micro-brush applicator for accurate, precise placement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Theodore C. (South Korea)
Can lube mechanical keyboards and speed cubes

Bought the lube because I like to cube and customize keyboards and the lubes work really well for lubing keyboards.
Dignitas works with switches and stabilizer stems while Dignitas works well with stabilizer wires.

Elijah P.

This is a very scrumptious lube. Very smooth. Yeah.

bang for ur buck!!

if you don't buy this combo you are dumb because it is so worth it I mean one pot of gravitas it is 6$ but this combo is 8$ what a deal

Ezra L.

These lubes do slow down the cube, but make it super smooth. Make sure you have dnm or compound v or Lubicle Speedy or something to counteract the slowing down. I have a few angstrom cubes, which are all amazing, and I’ve used these lubes on my CH WuJi M and Moyu Aohsi GTS M along with some dnm which made them sooooo smooth. I highly recommend these lubes.


If you have a stickerless Valk 2x2 M like I do, you've probably found that DNM-37 makes it fast for a little while, then makes it awful. PUT THESE LUBES IN IT! Makes it smooth, then fast after lots of breaking in, and it goes reaaaally well with DNM-37!

Austin B.

It is very nice to lube a cube with these. They give the cube a very gummy but yet very fast feel. GET THESE LUBES

Eoghan K. (Ireland)

This lube is very good when you use it right, make sure you only put it on the tracks and not in the pieces because that will make it really slow and in a similar vein when lubing be sure you have DNM 37 to make your cube fast enough because this is a high viscosity lube and putting it into the pieces like I did on my GAN 11 M duo made it weird in 3 ways : 1, the cube still felt lite but not fast witch brings to my 2nd point. 2, it makes the cube unimaginably slow and hard to practice for long amounts of time & 3, the magnets are really really really strong witch defeats the point of it being a GAN cube. So I’d recommend this to someone who averages about 16-17 seconds because you should know how to lube and yes applying sticks are giving so this is good but not the best and if you want a more medium speed lube I recommend mystic and weight 3.

Alex L. (South Korea)
Great if you have a fast lube

These makes the cube slow BIG time. I recommend these if you have a fast lube. Also these needs more than 400 solves to break in which is to long.

No n.

This setup is really smooth with a bit of a gummy feel. However you need to break it in a bit once you apply & should add a lube like dnm37 because it is quite slow by itself. Overall great lubes though.

Sergio Y. (Peru)
I recomend it!

It feels so smooth when I pour it in my gan 365 xs