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The QiYi MS Series Bundle is a great way to get a collection of high value, high performance puzzles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian H.
Great Budget Cubes

The 2x2 is light and fast, with a nice papery feel, and is lightly lubed from the factory.
The 3x3 is much the same, but I found the 3x3 to be a little tight ootb, with the cube barely cutting 45 degrees. After tensioning and lubing, it is very good.
The 4x4 is very good in my opinion, but one of the magnets got loose in its slot so it made a clicky sound whenever that layer was turned, but I just glued it back in and I haven't had that problem since.
The 5x5 is also excellent.
The pyraminx is good except I find the tips to be too weak.

Overall I highly recommend this bundle for people that either have budget cubes and want magnetic ones without having to pay too much or beginners or people who can only solve the 3x3 that are committed to cubing.

Pleasantly Surprising Puzzles!

These puzzles shocked me right out of the box! (I have the Stickerless Variant of these puzzles)

Here's a mini-review of each puzzle:

2x2- Very smooth out of the box, magnetic strength was moderate, and I found it extremely enjoyable to turn. My old 2x2 was the Guanpo, and this was 10x better! I would highly recommend it.

3x3- Clacky, a bit dry and tight out of the box, and very light. I didn't like this feeling at first, so I put weight 5 silicone lube in it and loosened the screws by a quarter turn. After many solves, I came to enjoy it.

4x4- Magnetic strength is strong on the inner layers and moderate on the outer layers. It could use a bit of DNM-37, but it became my main instantly.

5x5- This was my first 5x5, so I had no idea what to expect. The turning was fast and a bit crunchy, which was pleasant for first turns. I look forward to learning and practicing with this puzzle!

Pyraminx- Semi-frosted plastic on the outside of the puzzle is a bit slippery, but the puzzle felt really smooth out of the box. It has a soft and plush feeling that makes the puzzle satisfying to turn.

Abigail S.
High Quality Cubes

Ok so these cubes are super high quality for their price and perform way better than i expected. The 5x5 and 4x4 are the two best. The magnets aren't strong but weak either. They're just right. The 2x2 is a great cube and comes dry ootb but with some DNM 37, it got faster right away. The pyraminx magnets were too weak for my liking but they help keep stability. The 3x3 is also a great cube that has a little bit of a hollow feeling but with some lube, it feels more like a flagship cube. It comes a little tight ootb with some tensioning, it's a great cube. Overall, this is the best bundle of cubes that perform extremely well for a low price.

Pretty good

The 2x2 was dry ootb but with some dnm-37 it worked good. The 3x3 was pretty much the same as the 2z2. The 4x4 and 5x5 were slightly bigger than the 3x3, and the Pyraminx was amazing.