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Tornado V3 Holiday Gift Set

Tornado V3 Holiday Gift Set


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This holiday gift pack contains a Tornado V3 M Flagship 3x3, a Cubicle Mini Mat, and a 3cc bottle of Lubicle Speedy. This is a great set to hit the ground running on your speedcubing journey!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tadaaa m.p. (United States)
Great cube, lube, and mat

I love the cube. It really is the best. I can use it to brush my teeth and wipe my bottom. The mat is good for wrapping around ants. The lube is delicious. I would rate it one billion farts

Anonymous (United States)
Great lube and mat and cube…

I liked this bundle. I like the cube it’s comes with. It’s the best cube of 2022 and beats most GAN products. But the cube does not beat other cubes in durability. I had this come for a month and the corner piece Broke. This cube was also gonna become my main too :( but the lube is great. It feels like Dnm 37 and Lubicle silk and great Mat.

Jay (Canada)

I’m amazed by the speed control every thing is amazing and the mat and and lube is great The lube is better then Dnm 37 overall great set

Random D. (Slovakia)
The mat is better than The cube

The text is on The title.

Felix (Canada)
Great cube very fast and controllable

Great bang for your buck

Sujatha S. (United States)
Excellent Bundle

Tornado V3 Flagship:
Amazing cube, I have tried other cubes such as the GAN 13 and this cube surpasses them all. I was solving better than my average with this cube ootb. If you set it up properly, you can get even better times, and I guarantee you this cube is still better than any other cube on the market. The Tornado V2 was my previous main, and the V3 is most definitely a step up from the V2. Highly recommend.

Cubicle Mini Mat:
This exceeded my expectations...I expected the thickness to be about the same as the stackmat, but it's much thicker, giving your cubes much more cushion. The design is vibrant and enjoyable to use. Amazing.

Lubicle Speedy:
Just amazing...I like Speedy more than DNM! I think it's because Speedy is silicone based and DNM is water based, but still. The bottle is a nightmare to open though, but once you do get it open, you won't be disappointed.

Overall, I highly recommend this bundle for anyone looking to upgrade their mains. Every single product in this bundle lives up to the hype.