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Meffert's David Gear Cube V2 Meffert's David Gear Cube V2
Meffert's David Gear Cube V2
Meffert's David Gear Cube V2
Meffert's David Gear Cube V2
Meffert's David Gear Cube V2

Meffert's David Gear Cube V2


  • $34.99 USD



Product Description

The Meffert's David Gear Cube V2 is the new and improved version of the original Meffert's David Gear Cube. The David Gear Cube has the ability to function like an ordinary 2x2, but it can also turn like a gear cube along the corners.

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The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Meffert's
Type Gear Cubes
Added 2018-10-14
Gross Weight 165g

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nathanael X.
Extremely stiff out of the box, pieces popping out

First off, I was super excited to receive this. I was immediately disappointed when I started doing a few turns around the cube. It was extremely stiff and required a superhuman level of strength to get even a single turn done. I knew this wasn't normal. Some of the smaller gear pieces started popping out too. Also, one of the stickers has an ugly crease on it and is not flush with the cube's surface. Finally, considering I paid over $40 CAD for this, I feel that this was not worth my money.

BUT...I wasn't just gonna give up on this. So I dismantled the cube entirely and loosened the screws. I put some lube on it as well, and then assembled it. The turning was a little better, but something kept getting caught, causing the puzzle to fall apart again and again. Dismantling the cube for a second time, I noticed one of the pieces attached to the core had was not flush with the rest of the core and it was sticking out ever so slightly. I knew that this had to be the culprit. Thankfully, this piece had it's own tiny screw, and I tightened it until it was flush with the rest of the core. Finally, I put everything back together and the cube was turning so smoothly! I'm glad that I was able to save this puzzle, but I had to do a lot of work and research, not to mention I spent a few hours trouble shooting just to find out what the problem was.

In the end, I'm really disappointed that there is no quality control on these cubes, considering I'm paying a hefty price for it. I had to fix it myself.

Justin W.
Amazing cube, terrible stickers

The corners turn smooth as butter, but when making the 2X2 turns it catches a lot. You must hold the gears firmly to turn it smoothly. Otherwise it is an excellent puzzle. It's very cool to see the gears turn and every corner flip.

My only complaint is that mefferts used the same stickers they used on the skewb extreme. They are barely better than paper stickers. They seem to be all white stickers with the colors painted or printed on them. This means the color can wear off, or be scratched off. The intricate shapes of the gears makes it difficult for me to resticker it with good vinyl. (-1 star for mefferts' use of low quality stickers)

Gavin P.
Very Cool

Great Quality! Great turning! Also looks very nice. Also good for showing off the non cubers.

Christopher C.
Great for gear lovers.

I have not tried to solve this one, but it looks great and turn fairly well. Sometimes the center gears catch but it is still well made.

Jacob P.
LOVE this cube! So fun..

This cube is extremely fun to play around with, & the gear-turning looks very very cool. Mine came with the "correct" North American color scheme (Red-Green-Orange-Blue-Red, with Yellow on top & White on bottom). It is more challenging if you remove the tiny rectangular stickers, since they show the correct finished orientation of all corners, but they look cool so I left mine on. I have seen it mentioned how difficult this cube is, & while the one-gear-turn-moves-every-piece aspect makes it seem difficult, it isn't really too terribly hard of a solve (SLIGHT SPOILER AHEAD!) once you work out even one algorithm for manipulating a few centers without changing anything else. It is still very very fun to solve though. Opposing corners need to be twisted at the same time to make the gear-shift work, & then the whole thing looks like it shape-shifts before settling into a cube-shape again. Also, this puzzle turns like a normal 2x2. It feels heavier than it looks, but is fairly compact & very high-quality. Forget corner-cutting, though- the mechanism is just too complex. Awesome addition to any cuber's collection, & very fun to solve. Was Backordered when I bought mine, so I waited a bit (like a month or two), but it was worth it! Highly recommended!

Manuel R.
You need this

The David Gear was one of my most wanted puzzles of all times, when I started cubing I wanted to get one of this, but sadly I never got my hands on one of this, so when I saw that there was a V2 on sale on the cubicle I did not hesitate to buy it and it is one of the most fun puzzles I have ever bought, it turns prety fantastic and its more stylized than V1 (it also come with the little stickers put on wich was not posible on the V1), its a great challenge for every type of cuber and really fun to show to non-cubers, jus buy it.

Alon K. (Israel)
Stickerless version would have been perfect

Even though the stickers didnt come off easily the colors faded. Better stickers would have been better at the least

Brandon A. (United States)

Meffert's David Gear Cube V2

Angel E.L. (Mexico)
Increíble cubazo!

Por suerte me llevé el último, lo busqué hasta que lo encontré, gira muy bien, se deforma como un 2x2, es un cubo impresionante, no hay calificativos para esta maravilla del Genio Meffert's, Soy coleccionista, no le daré mucha caña, así que lo revolveré y lo armaré y lo pondré en un lugar digno.
Quedé encantado con este cubo
Saludos desde México!