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MoYu WeiLong Pyraminx Magnetic
MoYu WeiLong Pyraminx Magnetic
MoYu WeiLong Pyraminx Magnetic

MoYu WeiLong Pyraminx Magnetic


  • $14.99 USD




Standard Magnets
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Product Description

The MoYu WeiLong Pyraminx Magnetic features an updated pyraminx mechanism that is magnetized in the traditional way with magnets in the edges/centers along with magnets for aligning the tips.

Please note: These puzzles sometimes ship with a transparent core with a high defect rate. There is a stronger core included with your order, and we highly recommend installing it. This issue does not affect the MagLev variant of the puzzle.


Comes with:
MoYu WeiLong Magnetic Pyraminx
Magnet adjustment tools
Compression adjustment tool
MoYu pamphlet

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The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer MoYu
Type Pyraminx
Added 2021-12-06
Gross Weight 119g
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 116.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Gan F. (United States)
It's great when it isn't broken...

First off, this puzzle arrived with a broken core. Unfortunately this seems to be a common issue with this model. I contacted customer service about it and they were able to send me a stronger replacement core at no extra charge. Okay job on Cubicle's part I guess. Although I find that solution to be a bit inconvenient for a customer with little knowledge on puzzle assembly.

Secondly, disassembly. There are no instructions whatsoever on how to disassemble this thing. I've watched Cubicle's product review video on how to disassemble it, and let me tell you, DO NOT PULL THE TIPS OFF WITH YOUR HANDS. It will bend/break the cheap rotating plastic platforms on which the tips click in place. Horrible design flaw. To avoid breaking the piece mounts you have to half turn the tips and pry them off one side at a time with the plastic magnet adjusters they provide you in the accessories box.

This puzzle is 5 stars on performance and price however:
Broken core: -1 star
Design: -1 star

Sebastiano B. (Uruguay)
Gave me the SAR

It is an excellent pyraminx, much better than the maglev without a doubt. To a certain extent it reminds me a bit of the sensations that the Bell v2 gives me but it is much faster, stable and much more pleasant to turn. Some drawback that I would find but that do not ruin this cube at all are the tips, sometimes they are a bit slow but they are not bad at all, and the falling of the tiles of the edges, it is a bit annoying at first but it can be stick with glue and no more problems.

About the magnets, they are either quite strong or somewhat weak, between level 2 and 3 there is a too radical change between them, I would like it to have another level in between but I'm not complaining. Actually level 2 makes the cube very stable although sometimes hard to turn, it takes getting used to. Level 3 is not bad but it can cause some lockups.

As I said at the beginning, an excellent pyraminx, I am really very happy with the work that moyu has done with it YouTube video placeholder
Asher (United States)

I bought this cube at Nationals and it was great! It ended up helping me get a PR average. The only problem is that you can hear the springs, otherwise it's great.

Klouda (United States)
It came broken

When I got this pyraminx out of the box, it completely fell apart. I wondered why and I looked at the core and it was broken. I am not sure what happened, but I think it had to do with shipping.

Thanks for your review! This is a known issue and it is noted on the product page. There should have been an extra core in your package, but if not, please send us an email at and we will send you one.

-Greg S

Jacob (United States)
the good cube hater strikes again

This was unfortunately very hyped, but also, let me down a little bit. The pyraminx itself feels very slow, and the tips are not fun to turn. I did steven's setup on this cube, and it just made the cube feel even slower. I added dnm to it, and it helped..... for a little bit. The cube goes back to being slow, and cannot corner cut really well. I average about 3 seconds on pyra, and with this, I average about 5. I think the grippy plastic is good, but that's about it. This feels slow and unstable, and it keeps popping, even when I have it tight. I want to like this cube more, but there are just other pyraminxes better than this one, like the Mr. M, the old little magic m, and the gan enhanced. Funny enough though, this is miles ahead of the moyu magnetic pyraminx, so I guess my statement of "2018-2019 moyu > 2020-2021 moyu" doesn't apply now XD

Sula (United States)
Not A Beginner Pyraminx

While this is my current main, I don't feel like this is the best pyraminx experience on the market. Simply put, while I have zero issues about people of any skill level buying any level speed cube they want, this just isn't a good pyraminx for beginners. There's the obvious core stability issue, for which I recommend (if possible), just requesting the free, stronger core right from the get go and installing it immediately. My core broke on me after only a couple hundred solves. Additionally, despite being careful, I had 2 of my internal tip pieces (the ones that hold the magnets in place) bend upwards when I tried to remove the tips to unscrew my broken core. And on top of that, I'm now getting cap pops for the edges, which has never happened for me with any other pyraminx. In short, if you're looking for a really fast pyraminx with some customization features and are relatively experienced with pyraminx hardware, then sure, I recommend this cube. But if you're looking for something much more immediately plug and play, I think you'd be better off going with either of the Bells or the Gan pyras.

Thanks for your review! We definitely agree with you about the core, and we include a spare for free with every order whether you ask for it or not. As for the tip pieces, using a sticker peeler to pry them off from the middle instead of pulling on them from the corner reduces the chance of them bending. I understand that it's too late to fix this on your puzzle, but we haven't noticed any performance impact from having bent tips, and I also hope this will be helpful for others. Finally, for the edge caps, adding a tiny drop of super glue on the posts that hold the caps in place should fix the problem, but I also suggest adding a bit more glue to the magnets before gluing the caps, because once the edges are sealed, you won't be able to fix the magnets if they get dislodged.

-Steven W

C. (United States)
mixed feelings.

ok so this is an incredible cube. i bought this one over the maglev because i heard it was a little fast and uncontrollable. this one is sooo fast i cant even imagine a maglev version. the magnet strength was great to begin w/ but i still made the magnets a bit weaker cuz they are a little strong for me. it is a new main for me. the problem i had w/ it was that i just gave it a little pull and the core just complete snapped in half. fortunately the cubicle had sent me a replacement core and i am so glad they did. i had never ever token cubes apart to the extent where i have to unscrew the screws. DO NOT THROW AWAY THE EXTRA CORE IF YOU GET ONE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOUR CUBE BRAKES!!! but now ive got everything back together and it is such a great cube you must buy it it is incredible!!!

Nadav K. (United States)
Great pyraminx!

Out of the box it’s a little uncontrollable, conrners are hard to get off, and sometimes the edge caps pop off, and some edge magnets broke off, but after setting up and fixing the magnet issue, it’s a great cube!! I broke all my pbs on this, it’s very adjustable, and after using some gravitas it’s perfect!

Colin C. (United States)

This pyraminx is amazing. I can tell why many people say not to get the Maglev version. It’s already super fast out of the box. In fact, I added a bit of Lubicle Speedy (which actually made it a little more controllable) and it is perfect. I have adjusted the magnet settings and I love the amount of customizability this cube offers. However, I can’t get the tip off. I would have docked a star off of this review because of this, but it is just such an amazing puzzle. Also, I already like the tensioning setting it is on. I am also happy that it is not too easy to get off, like my Moyu RS. I DNF’d out of a PB single because one of the tip caps fell off.

Overall, amazing puzzle! May need to slow it down (maybe with Speedy, I don’t have Silk or any of the slower ones so I can’t tell you how that is) and adjust the magnet settings, but the performance is great!

Trevin D. (United States)

Out of the box this cube was great. However, I like my Pyraminx pretty tight. After some adjusting this cube easily beat the RS. The nice thing about this cube is the fact that MoYu has replaced the transparent core with a stronger one, and on top of that, it still comes with a extra core. This has great performance for a great price