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Cubicle Sale FAQ

Here at TheCubicle we pride ourselves on bringing you a fresh new sale every week with updated giveaway deals and/or discounted products. We do this to give our customers greater choice and flexibility. 

All sales are not the same, however, and we wanted to clear up some of the most frequent questions we get.


Q: How do I claim the free things?

A: Each sale has clear instructions below the banner on how to redeem. The most common methods include adding prizes to your cart manually, opting in before checkout, and sometimes you will have to do nothing at all.


Q: What if I forget to redeem my free gifts?

A: Email us at and we can get your items to you.


Q: I placed an order just before the sale updated, can I take advantage of the new giveaway?

A: Yes, if you placed an order and did not utilize any promotions, email us at and we can help you out.