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DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3 54mm (Standard)
DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3 54mm (Standard)

DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3 54mm (Standard)


  • $16.99 USD




Standard Magnets
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Product Description

The DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3 is the latest release from the famous speedcubing brand. This 3x3 is magnetic, has a glossy outer finish, and turns well right out of the box. Choose between 5 different tension settings that you can adjust by hand! Give this brand a fresh look with the GuHong Pro M.

This is the 54mm standard version.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer DaYan
Type 3x3
Added 2023-08-31
Gross Weight 151g
Dimensions 54.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 67.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
WilliamBek W. (United States)
A wonderful return to the era of affordable flagships from DaYan.

I love this cube with my whole heart and all the 17 dollars I spent on it.
Watch the YouTube review from TheCubicle with Phil to get some good footage and ideas about it. Beyond everything mentioned in that, you should note:

- This is a glossy cube with a similar surface to what we had before frosted cubes, comparable to a UV surface. Account for that when comparing prices to something else if the feel (and grip) matters to you. It does to me and I love it.

- The reverse corner cutting is a bit poor, but usable IF you tension and lube the cube right. It has 5 compression settings, but no center distance adjustment. As mentioned in the video, it comes smothered in lube from factory. I've wiped most of that out and added some Traxxas 50k and 900cSt, which reduces overshoot and has made the lack of reverse cutting more tolerable in solves.
- On the note of the lube, you won't enjoy this with factory lube (even after wiping the surface) as it's too overshoot-y and loose. This matters even more for OH. You'll want to have a medium or heavier lube.

- Toolless adjustment is AMAZING. I'm able to go through all 5 of the settings and test each one in 5 minutes. ... Of course, there are only 5 settings.

- There are slots for edge-core magnets in the edges. I conveniently had 3x1mm magnets left over from my RS3M+ mod and superglued them in. They're just enough to be noticeable, but the "auto-alignment" is nowhere near any recent GAN cube. If you want to mod this similarly (refer picture), 3mm diameter fits perfectly, and 1.5mm height would be okay (I had 1mm and would recommend that more since you don't want to risk them touching the core)

- The stock magnets weren't terribly strong considering that the cube has edge-corner and corner-core magnets.

- It's EXTREMELY airy. If you're used to a cube with normal heft, this will feel a bit off.

- For $17, it's a pretty good cube, but as others mentioned, it's not necessarily the "single best in its category". Seeing the edge slots being perfectly made for magnets, I would imagine that a future V2 of this cube would be legendary. This is definitely a step in the right direction, and I want to see all the best cubes be <$20 so that GAN is forced to reduce prices. I'm maining this over my RS3M+ 2020, but it desperately needs better reverse cuts.

Richard (United States)
My favorite cube of all time

The corner to core magnets are strong, the turning is fast, and the feel of it is clicky but forgiving! It's easy to adjust, and it turns well out of the box, no setup needed!

This is a competitor to other flagship puzzles such as the Tornado V3, or GAN cubes, and THOSE puzzles are far more expensive! I've tried out many 3x3s, budget or flagship, that I really enjoyed messing around with, but I've never felt more confident in wanting to use a cube as a main cube. Would HIGHLY recommend.

guy (United States)
sir stars

I bought this cube one-handed and thought I would only use the thing for Oh turns out it 3x3 main I like it more than the Tornado V3

Anonymous (United States)
Impressed l

Best cube for OH on the market, but in mine one of the core corner magnets fell out.

Nicholas M. (Australia)

After a few days with this cube I can confidently say that for me it really, really doesn’t live up to the hype. A lot of youtubers seem to be giving this cube great reviews, and I can understand why partly. For the price, it’s pretty good sure. But not THAT good. The rs3m super has a similar price range across versions and sure it’s ball core is less noticeable but that budget cube actually has corner cutting, stability and cohesion. This cube is flimsy even on the tightest centre distance setting, struggles with any corner cut above 40 degrees and catches easily on anything even close to a line to line reverse corner cut. The only things really going for it in my opinion is the little bit of stability from the core mags, the M slices are pretty perfect, and it has a generally nice feel. But all of this is pointless when you’ve got an airy, flimsy and catchy cube that feels way more “budget” than any other cube I’ve tried in the price range. It’s nice for really slow practice solves but that’s about it. Hope they release a version with better corner cutting and tighter mag-lev/springs, dual adjustment would be nice as well. It’s budget, sure, but it’s just budget. It’s not bang for buck in my opinion. Just save up a bit and get an rs3m super, or even better save up a bit more and get one of the many consistently praised high performance flagships ie. wrm v9 special edition, GAN 12, tv3 flagship or ys3m BC. I hesitate to recommend the rs3m v5 as a good budget cube as it too seems to suffer from sub-par corner cutting, but all in all I don’t recommend the GuHong Pro. 54mm is nice, not much else about it is.

Alex Y. (United States)
Good but...

The overall feel of this cube is amazing. I even like it more than the tornado v3. But there is just one problem. This cube is EXTREMELY fragile. One drop, and BAM, it's broken. If you are considering buying this, be careful with this cube. I suggest using a case to protect it.

M.V. (United States)
Not confident on it yet, but pretty good!

Was super excited to learn a new 54mm cube had come on the market, especially when it's a $17 cube with core magnets. It was way too uncontrollable out of the box, so I changed the tensions to the 3rd setting from zero, which seemed to help a ton. I also added a generous amount of weight five and FZ Calm which gave it a plush feel.

I do have one minor gripe with this cube. From my experimenting, I can't find a spring compression system, only the tensioning one. The springs in this cube seem a tad too weak for my liking, and it's on the floppy side of things, even on the tightest tension settings. Maybe I'm entirely unaware and missed a feature that didn't have instructions in the box, but I'm forced to turn on the lighter side to avoid any major lockups. Would be nice to have as I'm pretty used to main cubes having that feature.

Very solid cube for $17. If there's a v2 that simply added this feature then I'd absolutely buy again.

Ethan L. (Canada)
Great OH cube

Currently my 2H main, but I get similar OH times on this as the Maglev (sub-16 ao1000, one sub-10 single). This cube is somehow less stable than the Maglev, but this makes for an excellent cube to switch to if I'm looking for something more flexible in a solve session.

It is notably heavier than the GAN Mini M Pro, though this only impacts solve quality after ~200 OH solves in a row. Additionally, internal piece to piece contact feels very different from other cubes (I think everything is practically touching the ball core) and I still haven't gotten fully used to it.

The glossy finish, hand-adjustable tension system, smooth internal contact, corner-core magnets, size, and price make it a great choice for starting (and staying) competitive in OH.

Ashwin N. (United States)

New main

Luke W. (United States)
Underrated yet Amazing

It’s crazy how this cube doesn’t have more reviews. I’m planning on using it for OH, but I’be been using it for 2H while waiting for the 55mm one. One Fz and Weight 5 setup later, and this cube is the best one I’ve ever felt.

Medium-weak magnets, great corner cutting, fast slice moves, and a naturally quick cube, in addition to being one of the quietest new cubes on the market (Below Tornado V3 and Tengyun V1). The fact there isn’t a dual adjustment system doesn’t even matter to me on this cube, the 5 settings are enough. Just be aware it eats up lube relatively quickly, and the 55mm and above is better for 2H.