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ShengShou YuFeng 3x3 M (Magnetic Core + MageLev) - Stickerless (Bright)
ShengShou YuFeng 3x3 M (Magnetic Core + MageLev) - Stickerless (Bright)

ShengShou YuFeng 3x3 M (Magnetic Core)


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Product Description

The ShengShou YuFeng M is a new flagship 3x3 that features a magnetic core, piece feet magnets, and adjustable tension system. Everything can be tuned by hand! If you're looking for something a bit out of the mainstream but with all the features, look no further!

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer ShengShou
Type 3x3
Added 2023-01-05
Gross Weight 223g
Dimensions 56.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 76.2g

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael W. (United States)
Decently good cube.

I've had this cube for a few weeks now and I have mixed opinions about it. There are a bunch of things that I like and don't like about this cube. The things I like about this cube is that it's a good fast cube like the way I like my cubes to be. it also has good corner cutting like most 3x3's nowadays have. One huge thing I like is that Shengshou/Shengso provides a super high quality all metal screwdriver vs the half plastic/half metal ones that the other speedcube companies provide. With all the arrangement of the magnets help with more accurate turning and helps with the alignment of the layers. But the downside of having all these 100+ magnets are a bit to strong for my likeings and it gives the cube a loud snaping style of turning. One big thing I don't like about this cube is the fact that ShengSo is calling this a Maglev cube when it's nothin like what Moyu, Gan, or Qiyi has given us. When I got this cube and shortly found out that this was not Magleved I posted about it on Facebook and taged Phil. After he saw my post this cube's info was changed on this site to remove the Maglev title. The cube uses a similar adjustment system to what Moyu uses on the on the WRM 3x3 and RS3M. But ShengSo doesn't provide an adjustment users guide pamphlet like what Gan, Moyu, Yj, and Qiyi has to fully explain the adjustment setting. Also with the spring elasticity and the way the centers/adjustment part is made it can randomly jump forward or back 1 number setting. Also this comes with 3 spare screw/springs unlike the full set of 6 like what the YuFeng 4x4 and 5x5 comes with. One other thing is that due to the molding prosses the edge halves don't fully snap together properly. When I brought it to my most recent comp everyone was liking it. Overall this is a decently good cube. For the price of this cube you can actually find much much better cubes around the same price or cheaper.

Orion C. (United States)
It's a bizarre conundrum of a cube.

I'm going to start out by saying that this cube is polarizing. Not in a good or bad way, but it's extremely weird. ShengShou making a flagship? Weird. ShengShou making a cube with three separate magnet systems? Even weirder. And all that for $20 USD? I'm perplexed.

Unboxing is a pleasant experience. The box is nice, but there's a lot of foam in there (ever since MoYu boxes became super efficient, everything else seems wasteful) and it's a nice presentation. The accessories box comes with extra screws and springs, extra compression rings, and extra spring housing thingamabobs (they help with spring noise) and a very nice all-metal screwdriver. But that isn't why you buy the cube.

Let's start off with the features.
Dual-adjustment system similar to what MoYu uses, but no tool needed for compression. Standard spring, no maglev here
Corner-to-edge magnets
Corner-to-edge FEET magnets
Corner-to-core magnets

The design is a simple split-piece with primary tracks/feet for the edges and corners, respectively, and the center pieces are primary. On the edges, there is a bit of a strange jagged lip where the 2 body pieces meet, but it's not too big of an issue unless you look really closely. It only comes in stickerless, but the shades are nice and bright, comparable to QiYi shades, and it's so glossy that you could mistake it for UV coating.

Performance is decent. It doesn't cut everywhere, but the core magnet system makes it so that you don't need to corner cut very much even on difficult algs (for example, the Gc perm I use needs some weird finger tricks but they all work for me). It's very flexible and the springs are a tad weak, so I keep the cube on the highest compression setting. From the factory, it is a bit tight, so I recommend loosening the screws just a bit when coming out of the box.

Now for the feel. Oh boy. It's one of the strangest feeling cubes you will ever turn, and I guarantee it. A combination of the light springs, the feet magnets repelling at 45 degrees, the corner-core magnets being relatively strong, and the cube being decently fast means that it does not stabilize at all in between turns. It will either align or just not turn at all. The cube has a feel not unlike the GAN 12, where everything feels quite airy and the auto-align takes over a lot. The cube is a bit loud and has a low-pitched, hollow sound that sounds a bit cheap, but I personally enjoy it. It's light and airy, with very little friction, and has a slightly crunchy feel reminiscent of the newer GAN cubes, once again, but it's also not very tactile, like a Tornado V3. What is this thing?

Would I main it? No. But would other people main it? Absolutely. This is such a fun and wild cube that people who don't have GAN money but want GAN auto-align would be all over this thing. After a couple hundred solves, I got my normal times though they were ever-so-slightly inconsistent. I would absolutely recommend this thing for someone who wants to try something new.

Anonymous (United States)
Ghost cube (literally)

The cube turns it self...


It has auto alignment which makes it better and has a crunchy sound which is annoying but still a good cube.


This is my main for a month and it is hreat for a buget core magnet cube