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YJ MGC SQ-1 (Fully Magnetic)
YJ MGC SQ-1 (Fully Magnetic)
YJ MGC SQ-1 (Fully Magnetic)

YJ MGC SQ-1 (Fully Magnetic)


  • $20.99 USD


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Product Description

The YJ MGC Square-1 M is an exciting square-1 puzzle from YJ, the maker of the highly successful MGC line. This square-1 is fully magnetic and features a super smooth and plush plastic-to-plastic contact. Also included are black color cap pieces to convert your puzzle into a "stickerless black" variant.  AKA: YJ MGC Square-1

Video by pro speedcuber Max Siauw 

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Please note that some new cubes when being used for the first few times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is when one or more parts of a puzzle pop out without any damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time during normal usage. Pops are typically not considered a defect if the parts which come off can be reassembled by hand.

The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer YJ
Type Square-1
Added 2021-04-24
Gross Weight 222g
Magnets Magnetic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Frank G. (United States)
Best sq-1 ever.

The cube was really fast OOTB and had a lot of spring noise. This is common for most MGC puzzles, and I like the dry and fast feel. I can almost do a U4 with just one flick. The slice magnets are extremely strong while testing, but they don't affect the turning during solves. I got some minor catches and a few lockups when first trying it OOTB, but with some tensioning that went away pretty quickly. Replacing the caps with the black caps provided is pretty difficult, but once you get all of them off of there it is easy to replace. One thing I should note, is that there are no magnets in the edges. This can effect the magnet feel during cubeshape, but it is not that big of a deal. Overall, the best square one on the market.

C. (United States)
I wish I could like this cube

So I was having a really hard time deciding if i should get this cube or the volt v2. I decided to get this one because everyone on youtube was recommending it. When it first arrived, it was way too loose to where it was popping every solve i did, so using cube master's guide to setting up the mgc squan, I was able to tighten it properly. Also, the top and bottom layers were extremely fast so I had to lube those down. Even after doing all of this, the cube still catches on literally every algorithm I perform on it except one of the u-perms. So overall, I don't know if it is just my rough turning style that can't tolerate this cube or if its just the cube itself performing badly. I want to like this cube but it just hasn't lived up to my expectations. I currently just have the little magic and the mgc and both are too catchy for me so I wonder if I should spend another 20 bucks to see if the volt v2 is any good. I am sorry to everyone who thinks that I am hating on this cube, I just don't know what is going on with it. 😐

Oxzowachi (United States)
Not perfect, but still the best Square-1 on the market!

This cube is not perfect; the frosted plastic, lack of edge magnets, strong slice magnets, and overall poor magnet job are disappointing for a cube that was teased this long. However, the raw speed and corner cutting of this puzzle completely blows any other Square-1 out of the water.

This cube out of the box is too loose, so YOU HAVE TO TIGHTEN THIS PUZZLE A LOT MORE THAN YOU DO FOR ANY OTHER SQUARE-1. If not, you get the problem a lot of people are complaining about: pops and big lock-ups. However, on my tensions, which still provide insane corner cutting and speed, I have not had a single pop or bad lockup in my 5000+ solves. I have attached a picture of my tensions.

I average sub-10 and have done over 5 thousand solves with this puzzle, and I can't go back to the Volt v2 (let alone the YLM). My setup currently is just a generous amount of Lubest XMT-10 (everywhere), which makes it extremely fast and smooth.

For more information, check out my video review here:

Jarred (.S. (United States)
Amazing but with a few drawbacks

First off I want to say this square one is pretty much the best on the market, although it was not like this out of the box. The cube had spring noise and pretty dry slice and layers but this was easily fixed with weight 5 on the core and speedy and DNM-37 on the slice and layers. I really enjoy the turning of this cube although mine tends to slow down on the slice every once and a while. Now for the drawbacks, first off the edges don't have magnets which I personally don't notice too much but could lead to come inconveniences during cube shape execution. Another drawback is the lockups, these lockups have decreased with time but when they do happen they suck and can ruin solves. Overall this is a step up from the volt v2 and yuxin little magic and I can definetly recommend this square one over those two as the pros most certainly outweigh the cons.

Jacob H. (United States)
Great cube

Only rating 3 stars though because of how much it pops. I get that square 1 is not the most structurally sound cube, but THIS much popping is absurd. I average 1 pop every 2 solves. Competing with this cube and hoping this doesnt happen.

Thanks for your review! If you remove the blue and green side caps and tighten the screw by about half of a turn, it should stop popping.

-Greg S

Gabriel (United States)
amazing but...

this is a really, really good square 1. It is super smooth and the corner cutting is amazing, compared to any other square-1 I've tried. I would give this 5 stars if it wasn't for a few picky issues that I have for it. For example, after changing the tensions, the screw would progressively get more and more worn down. This is a problem because it took around 10 adjustments for the screw to become completely unadjustable. Another small issue is that the top and bottom layers have very inconsistent speed, with one or the other randomly speeding up, to the point where I could do U6's with them, to the point where it was so slow that moving it only (3,0) took a lot of effort. because of this slowness it would tend to scratch up the internals of the cube and leave little plastic bits on the inside, which is a nuisance because I cannot loosen the screws to clean it out. I wish I could rate this higher, but these issues add up to give only 3 stars. Who knows, maybe you will love it and it might just be mine!

Colin C. (United States)
Best square one on the market.

The YJ MGC is by far the best. Out of the box, there are small catches on some of the edges. This is probably because there are small pieces of plastic jutting out. However, after learning how to solve it and doing a few solves, it completely went away. My first impressions is that this puzzle was fast and clacky. After a little while, the fast feeling ,I d of went away, similar to Moyu cubes’ sandy feel out of the box. It also was able to pop a lot. You could tighten the tensions, but I didn’t like that. (Just my opinion don’t take it too seriously.) After lubing it with Weight 5, Lubicle Speedy, and DNM, I can confirm that this makes the puzzle so much better. The insanely smooth feel that Lubicle speedy gives kind of goes away after break in (I heard Lubicle silk helps with that), but it retains that fast, quiet feeling. I also installed maglev in the core later on, and it makes this cube a lot faster and gives it an effortless feel.

If you are installing maglev to your square one, make sure to not put the screw into the blue thing on the other side all the way until you can feel it. This works fine with the screw mechanism, but with maglev, you cannot turn the slice with that. Just do a few turns counterclockwise after feeling the screw and that will be excellent.
Another fun part about the maglev is that it is close to impossible to pop on this. Even with the seemingly looser tension, it is very hard to forcefully pry out the edges. (I can’t actually do it on the maglev. Please don’t try, though.)

Overall, amazing cube! Best square one on the market as of early December 2023.
Also someone else bought this for me so this is not a verified purchase.

Lauren S. (United States)
Best sqr1 on the market

Turns like a brisk handshake

Nathan (United States)
Good mechanism, bad magnet job

Pretty annoyed that there are 2 magnets in the corners, 0 magnets in the edges and 1 magnet on one under the equator. Cube is good, but could’ve been so much better.

Ian (United States)
Still can’t solve

This cube is great! Turns well and comes with black prices so I can pretend to actually know what I’m doing