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GAN i3 3x3
GAN i3 3x3
GAN i3 3x3

GAN i3 3x3


  • $62.99 USD



Product Description

The GAN i3 Smart Cube is the latest smart 3x3 from the famous manufacturer. This new design allows you to adjust the magnet strength so you can make it perfect for your turning style. Along with the CubeStation app, this is a great tool to practice, compete with friends or strangers, or play other cube related games. 

For a convenient way to charge your GAN i3, check out the new GAN PowerPod which allows for charging on the go!
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer GAN
Type 3x3
Added 2021-09-28
Gross Weight 272g
Dimensions 56.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 88.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Garrett G. (United States)
Essentially everything that I wanted out of a smart cube

Overall great turning: fluid, good corner-cutting, and very few lockups
User Base: As of 1/27/22, the app had plenty of people available to battle/friend around the clock.
Battery: Never had issues with running out of battery even with long cubing sessions

Limited Customization: Customization does exist and is noticeable, however, it is not as impactful as with other GAN cubes
Gyroscope: Mild complaint but gyroscope becomes slightly desynced with cube over a long period of time (Can be easily fixed by adjusting view of cube in app)
App complexity: Although many of the main functions of the app are obvious, certain things like solve reconstructions, rewards, and custom algorithms (For training) can be somewhat hard to find
Price: Kinda expensive. But there are more expensive cubes on the market nowadays.

My thoughts: Overall super happy with my purchase. This was the first smart cube that I own. The app worked well with my cube and personally, I had no issues getting past loading screens (Galaxy S9, Android V.10). I'm not an extraordinarily fast cuber or anything (Average 18-19 seconds) but, I was able to achieve similar times easily with this cube. The cons that I listed were just so you know what things to expect but I found that they were rather mild in comparison to the pros. If you do not yet own a smart cube and are interested in getting one, I would highly recommend this one so long as you are willing to pay the price.

Gideon M. (United States)
First Smartcube (Love it!)

I have a 19 second average using full CFOP and this was my first smartcube. It’s definitely worth the price

The cube turns well, is sturdy, and has never locked up on me. It has a nice magnetic feel and was well-lubricated and tuned out of the box. Although the charger is bulky, the 15-hour battery life is incredible and it charges very quickly.

There have been people complaining about the app, but I’ve yet to have an issue. Many of my hours have been wasted battling people online. The matchmaking keeps it a fun challenge, but takes a while to catch up with your skill level. I have a friend with a smartcube and it’s been fun racing online when we’re not in person.

Not having to manually stop a timer is very helpful and the app records all of your solves. After each solve, the app gives you run down of how long you took on each step. (Currently that part only supports CFOP and Roux) The gyroscope is neat because it tracks how many cube rotations you made. I set my record with this cube (13 sec) and it’s my new main.

Aside from the timer and online dueling, the app has a few other neat features. It can log custom algorithms and help you practice them, function as a timer for non-smartcubes and a few other things that I haven’t tried out yet.

Unfortunately, the leaderboards reset was scheduled for only about a week after getting my cube, (R.I.P. 600 trophies 🏆) but that meant I was momentarily placed 22nd in the world! (Sure, there were only 22 people on at that time, but no one needs to know that. 😏)

Bottom line: This is a high-quality Rubik’s cube even without the smartcube aspect of it. When you factor in the online matchmaking and training tools, it becomes that much better. This is 100% worth the price.

Marcy P. (United States)
Best customer service hands down

I got the cube and i had a manufaturing defect. I emailed the cubicle and they sent me a replacement cube and didn't even charge shipping! They were super nice and easy to work with. Thank You for such AMAZING service.

J.W. (United States)
The Cubicle rocks, the app lacks

Probably the smoothest and best smart cubes on the market, but I'm at a intermediate level of cubing. I wish Gan would add more beginner friendly features, like 2 look algs and games.

Andy P. (United States)
I swore I'd never buy a bluetooth cube…

I swore I'd never buy a bluetooth cube… why does a cube need batteries… what possible value could it provide over a standard cube. But then I got curious, picked this guy up and was actually blown away by how much fun it is.

I will admit, the cubestation app is not the most user friendly… but it works. Being able to accurately time my solves right from the cube is an amazing feature– BUT being able to see exactly how much time I spend in cross, f2l, OLL and PLL is extremely useful for a developing speed cuber.

I've been able to immediately identify areas I need to practice– on top of which it comes with an amazing library of algorithms to learn from.

My first night, I spent over an hour battling random people online. It's taking cubing to a whole new level.

Now– as for the cube itself? It's passable. The frosted plastic is… interesting but I'd prefer something between frosted and glossy. The turning is fine, corner cutting is fine. Nothing exceptional. As a learning tool its great– definitely not a competition cube but that's not what it's trying to be. From my collection, I would say its like 80% of a GAN 11 M.

Grant S. (United States)
Great smart cube

It fixed all of the things I didn't like about my gan i play, and it turns great!

ExhaustedDad (South Africa)
Brilliant smart cube

Still getting the hang of the app but the stats and the features are really entertaining. The cube itself is definitely heavier that standard GAN cubes but thats not a bad thing. Still a bit reticent to lube it (manual says not from the yellow face) but its relatively fast and a little bit sandy. Love the adjustable magnets for a little more stability. The cube is somewhat flexible. Foreseeing lots of time spent on this one. Havent tried to swop out the nuts or springs because it looks like a bit of a pain. However, out the box I think the tensions are good enough.

Jhknack (United States)
I loved it but

The box came broken and dented. Atleast the cube was fine but I really expected the box to be good I have a little area to put my mint boxes and I can't put it there

ERIC B. (United States)
Cannot connect to app with email address

Must have Facebook, WeChat, or QQ in order to login into the app. And the app does nothing if you don't login.

Joe V. (United States)
Love GAN but meh

I had pretty high expectations that it didn’t come even close to. I need much stronger magnets and it really didn’t feel like a GAN while I was turning