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GAN Lube Bundle

GAN Lube Bundle


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This bundle contains all of the newly released GAN lubricants. GAN Lube I - Maintenance is a medium viscosity lubricant to keep your puzzle turning smooth. GAN Lube II - Accel gives your puzzle a burst of speed. And GAN Lube III - Mastery is a thicker silicone lube intended for the hardware and/or pieces for control.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
David L. (United States)
Great lubes, I recommend!

When I first saw this product for sale, I was a bit skeptical. After all, it was a relatively new take for GAN to develop lubes. Although GAN had made several great other lubes(GAN Magic Lube and GAN Standard Lube), it seemed big for GAN to go big with three new distinct claims. However, after I received the lubes, I can say for sure that this product is supreme for its price. GAN Accel does its job perfectly like a bottle of DNM-37, and the other two help slow it down to make my cubes smooth, crispy, and controllable whilst remaining fast.

Evan M. (United States)
Great lube!

These three lubes work really well together and improve the turn quality of any cube you put them in without changing the feel too much! They also work great when mixed with other lubes if you really like controlling how your cube feels.

C.L. (Hungary)

It slowed my cube down so much I have to clean it again. My cube is already trash thanks to lubes like these.

Anonymous (Australia)

The pricing is the best you could find

Old D. (Canada)
Very very good.

I mostly use type 1 but type 2 and type 3 are good too. I use type 2 for speed cubing and type 3 for more control.

branson (Australia)

the gan lube is worth it because it smooths it out and doesn't make the cube clakey

nice lube cubicle

Augustin R. (Canada)
The worst lubricant I have seen in my life !!!

It slows down my cubes and is very hard to clean
Also one of my bottles is broken, so I can't open it