2018 Holiday Shipping Schedule

This page explains our shipping schedule for the winter of 2018. We marked three important dates for prompt delivery before the Christmas holiday. All of our domestic shipments are backed by our Worry-Free Christmas Shopping Guarantee, explained below. 
December 5, Wednesday: For all international customers, please place your order on or before December 5 in order to increase the likelihood that your package is delivery before Christmas. 
December 12, Wednesday: For all domestic containing custom-made goods from Cubicle Custom, spare parts, logo service, and custom stickers, please place your order on or before December 12 in order to guarantee delivery before Christmas. 
December 16, Sunday: For all domestic orders not containing any custom goods, please place your order on or before December 16 in order to guarantee delivery before Christmas. 

Worry-Free Christmas Shopping Guarantee

If your domestic (within the USA) order is placed by December 12 (for orders containing custom goods) or by December 16 (for orders not containing custom goods) and the order is shipped such that it would not be expected to arrive by the December 25 based on delivery expectations, you will be entitled to receive a Cubicle gift card that is worth the entire value of the order in question should you decide to keep the order. Please note that this policy does not apply to items that are listed as out of stock, pre-order, or backorder on our website at the time of purchase, although we will still try our best to notify you of any problems to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Participation in this policy is not required -- should you want to return the unused items, you are absolutely free to do so. To redeem this offer, please contact us here
If you plan on ordering after December 17: We recommend selecting an expedited or overnight shipping method at checkout in order for the order to arrive by Christmas (domestic only). Please note that ordering customized or out of stock items will delay the shipment.