What's New?

Welcome to our website! As you can see, quite a bit has changed. This page is here to explain some of the important changes that we made, current issues to be aware of.

Please be aware that some of our content is still hosted on our old page and in certain cases, you'll be directed to our old site. 


Current issues


The easiest way to get started on our new website is to create an account. Creating an account lets to place orders more quickly and save certain information. Alternatively, we have guest checkout if you want to save the account creating for later.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to transfer accounts over from our old site. We are working on features that will let users transfer over information, such as wish lists. Updates on these features will be posted as soon as they are developed.

Gift cards

We were also not able to transfer any gift cards, but if you have gift cards from the old site, we would be happy to reinstate them on the new site. To have this done, please contact us.


Combining orders

We understand that the old site, TheCubicle.us, still processes certain types of orders like Cubicle Custom, spare parts, and custom stickers. We are currently unable to combine orders made from the old site and our new site, TheCubicle.com. This will become less of an issue as we migrate content over.  


Discount codes

We reinstated a fresh new batch of 5% off discount codes that you can use. Many of these are the same ones that were used on the old site. In case you can’t find one, you can use the code “welcome” to get 5% off your order.

Important changes

New navigation

It’s new and cool and easy to use. But, if you experience any issues, please contact us and we’ll look into it.

Out of stock policy

We have a new out of stock policy, which does not allow users to order items that are marked out of stock (we will do our best to keep this accurate and updated). This will hopefully eliminate the confusion of ordering something that we cannot ship immediately. We will also do our best to restock items frequently.


Along with the new site, we took measures internally to improve our shipping infrastructure, which will lead to quicker processing times on your orders. To check on the status of your order specifically, please contact us for updates.

Cubicle Custom and Cubicle Premium

Cubicle Custom and Cubicle Premium are now up! Cubicle Custom is hosted on our old site, TheCubicle.us. Cubicle Custom items are fully customized and made to order, which means may likely take additional processing time to fulfill. Cubicle Premium cubes are professionally serviced puzzles made to our specifications, which lets us make them in advance and stock them as retail products. Cubicle Premium cubes, if in stock, will usually ship within one business day.


TheCubicle.com will stock pre-packaged sticker sets (quite a few popular schemes) for popular puzzles. We are currently working on getting these back in stock. If you require a custom set, please use the sticker picker here.

Spare Parts

You can find spare parts here. The interface has not changed very much.

The Future

Our goal is to eventually merge the two sites together and have everything on one platform. In the meantime, please use TheCubicle.com for retail goods and TheCubicle.us for custom items. In the future, we aim to develop lots of user-friendly features to make shopping and learning about cubes easier and more fun.

Last updated November 14, 2018