CubeHead's Deluxe Bundle

CubeHead's Deluxe Bundle


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The Yoo Cube Deluxe II 3x3 - Stickerless (Bright)

The Yoo Cube Deluxe II 3x3

$4999 $4999

CubeHead Cube Cover

CubeHead Cube Cover

$499 $499

The Yoo Mini Mat

The Yoo Mini Mat

$899 $899

DNM-37 (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

DNM-37 (1cc Sampler)

$299 $299

Cubicle Labs Mystic (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

Cubicle Labs Mystic (1cc Sampler)

$299 $299

Cubicle Silicone Lube - Weight 5 (2cc Sampler) - 2cc

Cubicle Silicone Lube - Weight 5 (2cc Sampler)

$299 $299

Angstrom Dignitas (2cc Sampler) - 2cc

Angstrom Dignitas (2cc Sampler)

$349 $349

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Get a bunch of CubeHead's favorites with the CubeHead Deluxe Bundle! 

CubeHead's Deluxe Bundle contains the Yoo Deluxe II, CubeHead Cube Cover, Yoo Mini Mat, and the Yoo Lube Bundle (DNM-37, Mystic, Weight-5, and Dignitas). Get the best of CubeHead's creations with this amazing bundle. 

Manufacturer: Multiple
Type: 3x3,Accessories,Lube Bundle
Gross Weight: 0g
Added: 2022-12-16
Item Weight: 291.0g
Item Weight: 33.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hudson C. (United States)
great bundle

great price great dude great cube the best thing to come to the signature series

Timothy A. (Indonesia)
Yoo Cube Deluxe II Bundle, very good

The bundle is very good. The Yoo Cube Deluxe II is an amazing cube with great performance and quality, and I absolutely love the accessories that come with it! The logos are very nice, the card is very detailed, and the bag is perfect for the cube (also I love Cubehead's channel ofc). The mini mat and cube cover are perfect for my desk as well, and the lubes refill pack is very useful. Overall, an amazing cube with great accessories. Would recommend.

W.K. (Belgium)
Best cube ever

With my furst cube i got a pr from 59 seconds but with the new cube from cubehead my time has improved to 39 seconds! thanks for making this awesome cube. use code cubhead for a HUGGGGGe discount.
love your vids.

N.H. (United States)
My back up cube

This is a awesome deal. The cube itself is really good, it has a really good felling when turning. It is really nice having the lubes because I was able to set up my gan 13 to be the same setup. The mat has a really good disign. The cube would be my main but it was beaten after I gave the gan a lube job

Armaan (United States)

This is such good value! Cubehead if you see this you are awesome. It also can be bought cheaper with discount code CUBEHEAD FOR A HUGGGGGE DISCOUNT!