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The GAN13 M represents the pinnacle of 3x3 design. This 56mm puzzle has 88 magnets but only weighs 71g! It has piece magnets, core magnets, maglev magnets, attracting, repelling, you name it, this cube has it. It also comes with a host of adjustability features. There are 216 unique combinations of tension, compression, and magnetization that you can explore.

There are two different options, but the difference is only the texture on the outside. 

The GAN13 M MagLev UV has a smooth, polished finish.

The GAN13 MagLev Matte has a frosted finish.


11% OFF
GAN13 M MagLev UV 3x3

GAN13 M MagLev UV 3x3

$5599 $62.99

GAN 13 M MagLev Matte finish with box behind

GAN13 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3

$5899 $58.99