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The GAN14 M MagLev is the pinnacle of 3x3 design. It comes in UV and Matte finishes, which give the cube a different feel and appearance. UV coating is a glossy, more grip-friendly finish. While the matte finish is a textured finish that is a bit more slippery in the hands. Either way, you'll be getting the most adjustable 3x3 ever made. With 1296 unique setup combinations, we're sure you'll find the perfect feel for you!


GAN14 M MagLev UV 3x3

GAN14 M MagLev UV 3x3

$6999 $69.99

GAN14 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3 - Stickerless (Bright)

GAN14 M MagLev (Matte) 3x3

$6299 $62.99