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From now until Tuesday, September 21, you qualify for a free sampler bottle with every $25 you spend on your order! This offer is cumulative, so if your order is $75, you can get up to 3 bottles. 

To claim these free samplers, simply add them to your qualifying cart. Order totals are calculated after discounts and before shipping and taxes.

Sampler Size Lubes

DNM-37 (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

DNM-37 (1cc Sampler)

$299 $2.99

Cubicle Labs Mystic (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

Cubicle Labs Mystic (1cc Sampler)

$299 $2.99

Cubicle Labs Silk (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

Cubicle Labs Silk (1cc Sampler)

$299 $2.99

Lubicle Speedy (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

Lubicle Speedy (1cc Sampler)

$299 $2.99

Angstrom Compound X (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

Angstrom Compound X (1cc Sampler)

$299 $2.99

Lubicle 1 (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

Lubicle 1 (1cc Sampler)

$299 $2.99