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Five Cubers, One Scramble: from beginner to professional

Posted by Angela Buchanan on

We are very happy to release Five Cubers, One Scramble, a video showcasing example solves from five cubers at varying skill levels. This collaboration project features beginners Snow Petrov and Michelle Khare, intermediate Allan Chochinov, sub-10 cuber Milan Struyf and world no. 1 Tymon Kolasinski. 

Snow Petrov 

I don’t do it everyday -- just when I have time I’ll practice a little bit.

Snow recently learned how to solve the cube using our simple tutorial. A casual cuber, Snow’s best times are around 2 minutes. Her method uses two simple sequences, R U R’ U’ and L’ U’ L U to solve the cube mostly piece by piece. Snow points out that mistakes are extremely dangerous for beginners, as making one can often derail the entire solution. Beginners just getting into cubing can expect times in the 2-3 minute range after some consistent practice. 

We’re very happy Snow got into cubing. Solving in front of a camera is not easy! 

Michelle Khare 

Second layer gives me romcom vibes. We can’t be together…but then, BAM, we can be together!

Michelle also recently learned how to solve the cube, but with a goal: to achieve a time under a minute -- in less than a week. Michelle’s method can also be characterized as a beginner’s method. But, in an effort to cut down on time, her method has more tricks and efficiencies. Michelle has a fascinating habit of naming algorithms, which aids visualization and memory. It also helps when you’re coached by J Perm, one of the best cubing educators in the business. 

We appreciate Michelle showcasing cubing to her audience. She brings a ton of enthusiasm and energy into our favorite hobby. 

Allan Chochinov 

I wish I knew the OLL.

Allan is a sub-25 cuber who uses CFOP with 2 look OLL and full PLL. Allan is dual color neutral (white/yellow) and used his inspection time to plan the entire cross. Cubers progressing beyond the beginner’s method often venture into intuitive F2L and more focused piece-tracking, techniques that Allan showcased in his example solve. Cubers at Allan’s skill level become a lot more aware of mistakes and are more prepared to adapt if something goes wrong. 

We’re happy Allan took time out of his busy schedule to cube with us. Good luck learning OLL! 

Milan Struyf 

You might know me as CubeHead.

Milan is a sub 10 cuber who is color neutral with the CFOP method. Milan very quickly noticed the premade pair in the scramble and devised a straightforward solution that incorporated the free pair. Cubers at Milan’s advanced level become more aware of the order they solve pairs, often developing preferences for solving earlier pairs in the back left (for righty cubers). Additionally, cubers like Milan are able to make quick decisions about details like edge control. 

It’s always great to work with CubeHead. If you have time, check out some of his videos on YouTube

Tymon Kolasiński

Some people consider me the fastest in the world.

Tymon is a professional speedcuber currently ranked no. 1 in the world for 3x3 average. Tymon is widely known for his ability to process a ton of information during inspection, allowing him to plan extremely far into his solve. Tymon’s example solves are like the unfolding of a giant decision tree. In each step, we see Tymon balancing a number of factors like move count, ergonomics, and impact on future pieces. The final solution Tymon picks is the winner of the many comparisons of cause and effect that are constantly being calculated in his head. 

Watching Tymon solve is always a humbling and fascinating experience. We wish him the best of luck in his competitive endeavors! 

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