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Super RS3M V2 Series: A Text Based Review

Posted by DAMIAN BIAS on

The Super RS3M v2 is a new mid-range cube in terms of performance and the latest edition of Moyu’s RS3 series of puzzles. This cube comes in three versions: the Standard ($26.99), Maglev ($34.99), and Ball Core ($47.99). 


  • The three editions of the Super v2 offer a simplified internal design compared to previous RS3s
  • The cubes place between the Super RS3M v1 and the Weilong v9 in terms of performance
  • The cubes are a clear improvement over previous cubes
  • The cubes are UV coated
  • We recommend the ball core edition of the cube in general, but recommend the standard edition if the ball core is too blocky or cost prohibitive

The Cubes

The Super RS3M v2 is similar to previous RS3 cubes, featuring a firm and controllable feel. The Super v2 comes with the standard Moyu tensioning system and simplified internals. The largest and notably the most important change is the simplified internal design. The internals of the cube are smoothed down, homogenous, and clean with minimal texture.

The cube falls between the performance of the Super RS3M and the Weilong v9. The ball core version of the cube closely resembles the v9, although the v9 still has a more pronounced, snappy magnetic feel. The Super v2 has less corner cutting than the v9. The Super v2 is less blocky, but more clicky than the Super v1, the latter most likely due to the smooth surfaced internals.

First Impressions

The Super RS3M v2 comes packaged in a premium, dark purple box constructed out of heavy cardboard. Opening the box, you find a futuristic design featuring an image of a robotic arm holding the cube, and an exploded view of the cube. The cube is housed firmly in a foam insert. Adjacent to the cube, you find a package containing the standard Moyu accessories and replacement spring housings. The overall feeling of unpacking the cube is premium, a huge change from the compact and simple packaging of earlier Moyu RS3 cubes.

Testing of the Cubes

We tested the cubes on their lowest tension settings. The low tension allows us to feel the internals of the cubes without the interference of friction. Each version of the Super v2 was solved multiple times during testing. 


The standard edition features a milky white interior, a very clean internal design, and standard magnetization (edges to corners). The geometry closely mimics the previous edition RS3M, but is very smooth, having no ridges or textures. 

The feel of the magnets in this cube is muffled by the friction of the springs. Overall, the feel is similar to the previous iteration of RS3M. The standard edition offers the least mobility in terms of feel compared to the other two editions; the magnets combined with the standard screw-based tensioning system doesn’t offer a broad spectrum of adjustment.


The build of the maglev edition is structurally the same as the standard edition. The differences are that the magnets replace springs and the internal is purple. The magnets on the maglev edition are more pronounced while turning slower due to the lack of spring friction. The faster turning due to maglev might be catchy and uncontrollable for some. The cube is slightly more snappy than the standard edition and offers a larger range of feels due to again, the lack of spring friction. This cube is the least stable of all three.

Ball Core

The ball core edition of the Super RS3M v2 has a ball core and piece to center magnets in addition to the same features as the previous two cubes. The corner-center magnets are attracting, while the edge-center magnets are repelling. It is also the only version to feature internal texture, including ridges on the edges and corners, similar to the original RS3M. 

This cube is the most stable of all three editions. The effect of the corner-center magnets are not really felt during turns but contributes to the stability that causes the ball core edition to have a similar range of feel to the standard edition.


The Super RS3M v2 is a clear improvement over previous iterations of the RS3 in terms of hardware and performance. We definitely recommend the ball core version over the other two versions due to its superior controllability and better feel, but second the standard version as an alternative to the ball core if the ball core is cost prohibitive or too stable.

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