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Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers. If have you a question that does not appear on this page, feel free to contact us  and we'll try our best to help. 


What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept the major credit/debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Gift cards or pre-paid debit cards are also accepted. To pay with a credit/debit card (including gift cards), please select "Credit/Debit Card" on the payment page during the checkout process. We also accept Amazon payments -- please select the appropriate option during checkout to proceed with AmazonPay.

We do not accept any other payment method at the moment, but please feel free to suggest a payment method via the Contact Us section, and we'll gladly take it into consideration for the future.

How do pre-orders work?

A pre-order is an order for a not yet released item, usually prior to the official release date. Pre-ordering an item gives you priority on receiving the item in the order in which it was placed. Items on pre-order and any other accompanying items in the same order will be shipped as soon as the pre-order item arrives to our warehouse. If you would like your other items sooner, we recommend placing a separate order with all the in-stock items. If you would like to request to have your order separated and split shipped, please contact us. Please note that we are unable to split ship international orders this way.

Why hasn't my order been shipped out yet?
If your order hasn't been shipped out within the 1-2 business day processing time estimate, there may be several possible reasons for it:

  • Item out of stock: If an item is out of stock, the order won't be able to ship. We will usually contact you if this happens. If you didn't get an email, please feel free to use the Contact Us section.
  • Item is on pre-order: If an item in the order is on pre-order, the order won't be able to ship out until the pre-order item is available. If you require more information about this, please feel free to use the Contact Us section. We try our best to give accurate projections of when pre-order items will arrive to our warehouse.
  • Other: There are other possible reasons for an order to not be marked as shipped within the 1-2 day processing estimate, including human error, inclement weather, emergencies, and/or how busy the season is. Announcements regarding any known delays will typically be made on our home page and social media.

Do you accept PayPal funds?
Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal funds directly at this time. If you don't have a credit card or debit card, we would recommend looking into obtaining one, as it is a very secure and convenient payment option.

In some countries, it's also possible to get a MasterCard Debit card that draws funds from your PayPal balance directly. You would have to ask them about eligibility for this service.

My credit card payment keeps getting declined. What's the problem?
If your credit card payment has been declined and no specific error message was given, this usually means that your credit card has insufficient funds to complete the payment, or that the credit card has been deactivated. Please also be sure to enter all of the card details correctly, especially the card number and expiration date.

Please note that all of our prices are in US Dollars, so if the funds on your credit card are in another currency, a conversion will be required and you must have sufficient funds remaining after the conversion to your local currency is made.

If the above steps still don't work, please try using the "Stripe Checkout" payment option at checkout instead.

Sometimes, our customers report that simply switching to a different device, internet browser, or computer fixes the problem. We would recommend trying this if the above steps still don't work.

If you require assistance in narrowing down the problem, feel free to contact us.

What is the Card Verification Code (CVC) and where can I find it?
The Card Verification Code is a three or four digit number located on your physical credit card that provides an extra layer of security for credit and debit card holders. The location of the CVC depends on the card type.

For Discover, MasterCard, and Visa cards, the CVC is the last three digits of the number that appears on the back of your card in the signature bar. For American Express, the CVC is the four digits located on the front of the card, on the right side.

I've placed my order and completed my payment. What's next?
After placing your order and completing payment, you should receive an order confirmation from us via your provided email address. After your payment is charged, the status of your order will be updated to "Processing," and then "Preparing for Shipment" once the order has been assembled. We will then pack and ship your order as soon as we can. After we ship out your order, we will send an email update to your provided email address with a USPS tracking number and other details relevant to your order. You can also view the tracking information and order history updates in the My Account -> Orders section.

How long does it take for my order to ship out?
Orders typically ship out either the same day or the next business day they are placed, but during times of higher than normal sales volume (like during sale events), it can take a little longer than usual for orders to be shipped out. If you have already placed an order and would like to inquire about the status, please use the Contact Us form to ask about the order.

Why hasn't my order arrived within the specified delivery time-frame?
Orders shipped within USA: If you got Standard or Expedited shipping, the shipping speeds (3-5 days for Standard and 1-3 days for Expedited) are not 100% guaranteed. The USPS provides us with these delivery time-frames for reference purposes, but delays can happen on their end. The only guaranteed service that is offered is the Express shipping method, in which you will be refunded the shipping cost if the order hasn't arrived by the specified delivery time-frame.

Orders shipped to outside the USA: Delays are possible with international shipments for a variety of reasons. Not only is there much more distance to cover, but there's also government agencies that sometimes inspect the goods before they enter the country, which can add to the total shipping time. Also, while rare, lost or confiscated shipments are a possibility. There's often not much we can do but wait out the delay.

What is your out-of-stock item policy?
Items that are out of stock are clearly marked on our catalog, and will not be available to purchase while they are out of stock. We restock items every 1-2 weeks.

Why is the tracking information for my order not updating?
There are various reasons for the tracking information to not be working normally. Here are the most common reasons:

  • USPS Error: USPS forgets to scan the package into their system, even though we physically handed it over to them. This is NOT a cause for concern -- the package is moving along normally, but it just won't be fully trackable until it is near the delivery date.
  • International Shipments: For international orders, packages destined for certain countries cannot be tracked once they leave the USA. The last stop will usually be Jamaica, NY. After this, the package will still be on its way to the destination, but the tracking won't be able to update anymore because there hasn't yet been an arrangement to share tracking information with the USPS from the destination country.
  • Envelope order: If your order consists of items that we can ship using a flat envelope, please be advised that tracking will not work. Despite tracking not working for these types of packages, please be advised that after we ship them, the packages are indeed moving through the postal system. 

The tracking information for my order shows “delivered” but I have not received my package.

In our experience, a likely explanation is that your items have been delivered to one of your neighbors in error. We recommend reaching out to your immediate neighbors about the package. If this does not resolve the issue, we advise checking with your local post office and inquire about the delivery. The local post office should be able to help with more specific information about the status of your package. Please reach out to us at if no resolution is reached.

Do you ship to my country?
We ship orders via United States Postal Service to anywhere in the world with a mailbox. The USPS isn't responsible for the final delivery, but they instead hand over the package to the local postal service in your country, and then they deliver the package to you how they normally do. If you live on Earth and have a mailbox or PO box that the local postal carrier delivers to, you will most likely be able to order from us as long as you input your address information correctly.

The only known exceptions at the moment (due to mailing restrictions) are: Iran, Cuba, and North Korea.

Will I be responsible for customs fees or taxes associated with my international order?

Customs policies vary by territory and it is possible that some customers may be subject to fees required by customs authorities. TheCubicle has no influence on this part of the shipping process. Customers can get more information on local customs policies at their local postal office. We recommend our international customers look into local customs policy before placing orders with us.

How can I buy replacement parts?

Please feel free to use the Contact Us section to inquire about purchasing replacement parts.

I placed my order last night and today an item I ordered has gone on sale. Can the price of the item I ordered be changed to reflect the updated sale price?

We are not able to apply sales prices to orders which have been placed. However, we can cancel any order for a customer before it is shipped. Our sales update every Wednesday around our afternoon hours. To request a cancellation, please reach out to us at as soon as possible. While we will extend our best efforts to cancel an order for sale discount purposes, we cannot always guarantee timely cancellation.


I placed an order on the site without including a promotional item or discount code. Can this be applied to my order?

We cannot retroactively apply discounts or promotional items to any order. However, we can cancel any order for a customer before it is shipped. To request a cancellation, please reach out to us at as soon as possible. While we will extend our best efforts to cancel an order for sale discount purposes, we cannot always guarantee timely cancellation.

Do you have a physical location I can visit?

Yes, we do! We are located in Elmsford, New York. If you’re interested in visiting us, getting an office tour, or doing some shopping, please schedule an appointment with Phil, at General visiting hours are 10am-4pm on non-holiday weekdays.

Where can I find TheCubicle on social media? 

Outside of our website, we are most active on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. We frequently post cool creative content, product reviews, and updates. 

How do sponsorships work?

We regularly sponsor speedcubing events, large and small, all across the world. Our competition sponsorship program is available to provide gift code prizes, cube covers, and business cards. Vending and streaming services are also available for select areas. If you’re interested in inquiring about sponsoring your next event, please contact us

TheCubicle also sponsors a team of competitive speedcubers called Team Cubicle. Team Cubicle is comprised of leading, elite speedcubers and popular media producers. If you believe you have what it takes to be part of Team Cubicle, you are welcome to contact us and our team of evaluators will assess your qualifications and get back to you if you’re a fit.