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DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3 54mm (MagLev)
DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3 54mm (MagLev)

DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3 54mm (MagLev)


  • $19.99 USD




Standard Magnets

Product Description

The DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3 is the latest release from the famous speedcubing brand. This 3x3 is magnetic, has a glossy outer finish, and turns well right out of the box. Choose between 5 different tension settings that you can adjust by hand! Give this brand a fresh look with the GuHong Pro M.

This is the 54mm MagLev version. It replaces the springs with opposing magnets.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer DaYan
Type 3x3
Added 2023-08-31
Gross Weight 161g
Dimensions 54.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 74.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
D.K. (United States)
Feels like a Gan 12/13

I tried this cube out at the warehouse, and it felt amazing. It was as good as a GAN 13, only for a fraction of the price. It was also small, so it could fit in your hands. I would recommend this to both competitive cubers and beginners.

J.F. (United States)
Forget the rs3m v5 get this

This cube turns buttery smooth out of the box and with a tension setting three it feels pretty balanced between controllable corner cutting and feeling loose enough to be comfortable. It has core magnets which helps with stability and a huge plus for me is that the magnets are receded in a slot making it impossible to damage and pop out. I mention this because my previous cube the ys3m had this issue and I had to take the remaining magnets out to mitigate the issue. The corner and edge magnet has a medium strength and more inner placement of that makes sense. Leaving it to not be snappy but smooth magnetic attraction. I'm happy with the magnet strength of this puzzle. This puzzle is super quiet more so than the tengyun v1. I can say this proudly as I'm testing it out while my wife sleeps in the same room and she hasn't stopped snoring yet! If it wakes her I'll remove a star later, two if she files a divorce because of how loud it is.

Haha I'm in danger! :3

CubingCubed (United States)
Its like a wrm v9 but cheaper and with weaker magnets

It's amazing, Yes its my first DaYan cube but I am super impressed. I would recommend this cube to anyone with 20 dollars, but maybe get the spring version because its cheaper and its most likely not that different . I used Silk, Dignitas, and DNM 37. The setting that I believe to be tension is set at 2. I noticed that the ball core is orange which is cool. I don't have the smallest of hands but I love that its 54mm instead of 56 or anything bigger. YouTube video placeholder
R.T. (United States)
Amazing cube!

Just got this in the mail today. Love it! I havent had a cube move this effortlessly since the TV3. Magnets are great. Premium feel, budget cost! I havent had the cap problem that some others have mentioned. Only about 50 solves in though.

N.M. (Australia)
Great… but…

This cube is awesome and performs well, also really enjoy 54mm (think releasing puzzles in different sizes makes a lot of sense). The feel is somewhere in the middle of the tornado v3 and ys3m, which sounds amazing right! Well, it is, but also you get what you pay for, and it does feel very cheap. You can only adjust centre distance which isn’t that big of a deal, but the cube can feel very flimsy at times with cheap airy feeling plastic. The only other downside that I feel like doesn’t really get talked about is it’s lack of decent corner cutting - it struggles with a 45 degree, and can’t quite do line to line reverse. Even with all these downsides considered, man it really is just one of the most satisfying cubes I’ve ever turned. After wiping away some of the factory lube and adding a little weight 5, mystic and fz calm, this is one of my favourite feeling cubes ever. Tbh I obky really notice the cheap plastic feel if I’m really trying to pay attention to it. M slices are amazing, it’s super quiet and soft feeling, and has that large internal radius feel akin to the ys3m (without actually having that big of an internal radius, I guess just different piece design). But yeah, for the price I absolutely recommend this over your other “budget” core mag options ie. super rs3m BC or moretry tianma. The core mags don’t auto align but they add needed stability to balance out the flimsiness (and they’re aftually noticeable unlike the invisible magnet strength of the rs3m super). Great cube. Just does have some downsides and not mainworthy for me over my current main (wrm v9), but still very enjoyable to solve and perfect for solving in public (iz so quiet).

C.D. (United States)
Fantastic Cube but a Couple Problems

The DaYan Guhong Pro M is a great cube but I would like to note some issues. Firstly, DaYan drenches all of their cubes in lube for some reason, which is why it feels amazing out of the box but it also is all over the outside of the cube and continues to leak out for the first day or two of usage. Now secondly, there is something wrong with the corner magnets at least in my cube. One of them came loose during a fast-turning PLL and it made shaking noises. I took it out of the corner piece but now I am not sure how to put it back in properly. Since that incident, other corner piece magnets have came loose and made noise for a few seconds but then fall back into place and it is quite annoying. I am not sure if this has happened to anybody else but even if there is a fix it seems to keep happening and I am not sure what to do. I am disappointed because I enjoy turning this cube as it is compact , has great corner cutting, and it's fast and snappy. Phil please help me.

Thanks for your review, and I am sorry to hear about this! DaYan's process for installing magnets isn't perfect, so they occasionally come unglued. If you reply to this message, we can help you fix it.

-Greg S

Ostadal (Austria)
Amazing Cube

Yes, I have small hands, but it is so gooooood!

E. (United States)
Super smooth turning, cheap quality

I enjoy the super smooth turning, but I can't get over the fact that this cube feels like a cheap dollar store cube in terms of -quality-. The plastic is cheap, it's clacky, and the pieces don't quite align perfectly where the colors connect- primarily on the corners. Magnets are pretty weak and corners are sharper/pointy. I like the way it turns, don't get me wrong, it's crazy smooth and fast. But it's not a premium feeling cube quality by any means.

Malachi (United States)

Blows my gan main out of the water honestly. Little to no adjustment out of the box and its just zoomy. Doesnt corner cut as good as a gan, but speed, magnet strength, and smoothness are next level.

K.N. (United States)
Be a bit patient and This cube is just as good as the Tornado v3 which was my old main.

Out of the box. It was usable with the lube inside and I was able to get my normal times.
I cleaned the cube and lubed with weight 5, dmn, and mystic. Set to the 3rd setting.
However the M slices are very quick and I was missing some fingertricks due to the small size.
After a few days, I got used to it and got my first sub-8 solve and averaged a second less.
I now main this cube.
So yeah,the cube is good. Center caps don't fall off during solves if that's a concern.