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About Us

Our Mission is a leading USA-based online specialty cube store committed to providing customers with a superior online shopping experience, excellent puzzle variety, and an innovative cubing experience. TheCubicle operates in New York and has served thousands of puzzle fans from beginners to world champions.

We pride ourselves on our innovative technologies, diverse lineup of speedcube lubricants, and record-breaking custom speedcubes.

With a team featuring some of the fastest cubers in the world, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you order from us.

Regardless of whether you are a competitive speedsolver or puzzle enthusiast, TheCubicle has something for you.

Our History

TheCubicle was launched in August of 2011 with a handful of popular World Cubing Association puzzles and a variety of hand-done custom mods. Over the years, we have been recognized as a major innovator and a top contributor in the speedcubing community.

Today, we remain a supportive and friendly business committed to constant improvement to find new ways to better serve our customers and community. is owned and operated by Cubicle Enterprises LLC.

Our Name

Our name, TheCubicle, initially began as a simple play on the word "cube." Since then, it has also come to represent our strong work ethic and our drive to exceed expectations.

Our Team

Phil Yu - CEO

Phil manages business development, innovation, and media at TheCubicle. His goal is to create new opportunities.

Phil is best known for being a one-handed specialist using the ZZ method. Phil was a dominant OH solver on the east coast in the early 2010s, and set a North American record average in August, 2012, which ranked 2nd in the world. During his competitive career, Phil published a series of tutorials on ZZ and helped inspire mainstream interest in the method. Outside of cubing, Phil likes racket sports, cute animals, and loud music.

James Chang - Co-Founder & COO

James manages operations and website development at TheCubicle. His goal is to create the coolest, user-friendly experience.

James first started cubing in the summer of 2007 after he witnessed a cube race at a summer camp talent show. He went on to learn the CFOP method, and has participated in competitions all over the east coast since 2010.

Jeff Chang - Senior Applications Developer

Jeff is the applications developer at TheCubicle. His job is to develop the TheCubicle website and keep it running smoothly, as well as writing software to enable, support, and optimize back office operations such as order fulfillment, content management, and human resources management.

Jeff is an experienced full stack software developer with a keen interest in APIs and UI/UX design. He enjoys working with .NET and modern Javascript frameworks.

Rowe Hessler - Production Director

Rowe manages custom puzzle production at TheCubicle. His goal is to guarantee excellent workmanship of the highest quality.

Rowe has over a decade of competitive cubing experience, and is the current Northeast Champion in 3x3, and a former two-time United States 3x3 National Champion. Rowe started his cubing career in 2007, and has achieved 34 WCA records in 7 different events to date. Rowe is most well-known for his dominance in the 3x3 event in North America, having set the record of 11.04 seconds in 2009, and holding the record almost continuously until 2014 with an average time of 8.27. Rowe is also recognized for his world class achievements in the 2x2 cube, having set 3 world records in the event, as well as being crowned world champion in 2009.

Damian Bias - Marketing Director

As marketing director, Damian manages social media and the marketing strategy of the company.

Damian is best known for his YouTube channel, Cubeologist, which he started around the same time he began cubing. His videos include educational beginner topics mixed with first impressions, in depth reviews, and competition videos. In addition to producing videos, Damian actively competes year-round along the east coast.


WCA: 2014BIAS01

Jules Manalang - Wholesale Director

Jules coordinates wholesale deals and special orders at TheCubicle. His goal is to ensure our top quality goods get to as many people as possible.

Jules began cubing since late 2006, and is best known for being an early adopter of the Roux method. Over the years, Jules has released and maintained a number of tutorials on his method, including a video series, hundreds of example solves and an informational website. Jules is also secretly a caterpillar.



Freddie manages commerce and business development in Asia. 

Freddie started cubing in 2008 and began competing in WCA competitions in 2017. Even in his earlier days, Freddie was always keenly interested in solving various types of cubes and figuring out how to make them turn smoothly. 

In addition to his goals of expanding in the Asia market, Freddie is a chemist who holds a degree in Chemistry and Materials science from the National University of Singapore. He has a keen interest in developing lubricants and other products to optimize everyone’s cubing experience. 

Outside of cubing, Freddie enjoys playing the guitar and other instruments. He loves playing in bands, ball games, and dogs.

WCA: 2017FUHO01