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YJ YuHu Megaminx V2 M - Stickerless (Bright)
YJ YuHu Megaminx V2 M - Stickerless (Bright)

YJ YuHu Megaminx V2 M


  • $13.99 USD


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Product Description

The YuHu V2 M from YJ is the latest puzzle in their popular budget magnetic Yu series. This is a no-frills megaminx that simply provides performance that rivals flagship puzzles. It features medium strength magnets and a new circular ridge design to aid grip. With some light setup, this megaminx is perfect for solvers of all skill levels! Give it a chance and beat your personal best!

If you prefer a black side, you can get the parts to do it here.

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Please note that some new cubes when being used for the first few times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is when one or more parts of a puzzle pop out without any damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time during normal usage. Pops are typically not considered a defect if the parts which come off can be reassembled by hand.

The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer YJ
Type Megaminx
Added 2020-05-05
Gross Weight 177g
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 136.0g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Zain M.
Good turning but horrible greens

Alright, I really wanted to like this puzzle. When I first unboxed it, it was too fast for my liking. It was also pretty loose.

I tightened the cube and lubed the tracks with a lot of Weight 5. I also used silk and mystic to make it smoother.

The turning is pretty nice. The feeling of this cube is this really nice sorta sandy feeling. With my setup, it's also pretty smooth. Magnets are on the weaker side. For me, they are a good strength. One thing to note is it does cornertwist pretty easily, but for me it's not that big of a problem. I also prefer the bigger size of the puzzle.

However, there's one huge problem. The greens are WAY too similar. I've never had this much of a problem with a cube's shades. If you wanna get this, I suggest buying the black replacement parts with it. (They don't come in the box if you buy the cube) Sometimes, it wastes about 10 seconds on my solves. (I average about 2:45, so take what I say with a grain of salt i guess.) I've provided a picture that i think shows the problem well.

I should say that there are people way faster at mega than me that like the cube a lot (like Max Suauw for example) $13 for a magnetic mega is still a good deal. Still, the greens prevent it from being that great in my eyes.

Silas W. (United States)
Cheap but really good

$14 for the best Megaminx on the market is insane. This turns really well and it is controllable. I always loved YJ cubes, and this one does not disappoint.

CubeAssist (United States)

It seems to me like every time I buy a cheap or expensive cube from YJ it is suuuuuper good and normally at reasonable prices. This is such a good Megaminx and a good upgrade from my old D-Fantix. 5 stars!

New main over Galaxy V2 LM, but the magnets are too weak for me

This cube is very good, especially for the price, and it is my new main over my Galaxy V2 LM for a couple reasons:
1) It is very fast even ootb, and it does not get gummy with regular lubing unlike the LM.
2) It has pretty good corner cutting

However, there are also a couple things I don't like so much:
1) The magnets are too weak for me, and I often misalign random sides which both slows me down and is annoying
2) This cube is MASSIVE. I thought the V2 LM was big, but this is a completely different beast, and it's a little ungainly. You can get used to it, but if you have smaller hands then this cube will probably be very uncomfortable for you.

With this said, it is still my new main over my Supernova PVC Coated Galaxy V2 LM, which has gotten sluggish and dirty over time. Worth a buy for the price!

S.N. (Sweden)
Best budget megaminx ever

The Yuhu is interesting, it came out during the dayan time and was considered not great even on a budget. Interestingly now the v2 and Dayan v2 came out during the Covid era of cubing. But it is definitely deserving of the v2 name. The Yuhu v2 is a compact mega with interesting circular ridges that have great and cinsistent grip that doesn't feel like it hinders your turning. Compared to old megas like the galaxy v2 where the ridges were so small that your fingers actually may be to big. You won't find that problem here. It has a large and very round grip that feels amazing to hold. Out of the box however it actually felt like it was gonna flop like the first yuhu. It was very dry, had uneven tensions and worst off all barely any magnetic speed. It felt terrible, but after hearing it was great after setup I decided to give it a fair shot. And I'm really glad I did, the setup was a a angstrom setup with Mystic instead off dnm-37 to give a super smooth feel. After break in it now has great balance between speed and magnet strength. And after some tension adjustments it became very close to an ideal mega. But I actualyl wouldn't recommend it to everyone. As stated previously, this mega takes a lot of time to setup which means it can be difficult for inexperienced cubers to understand what is wrong or how to fix it. For new cuber's I would recommned the Dayan Megaminx v2 instead since it feels amazing out of the box. Having that said I would recommend the Yuhu to people who want A megaminx that is moderately fast with subtle magnets and large size. Or for anyone who wants a great Megaminx but maybe don't have the money for a Gan or dayan v2. Which honestly all perform about equal but has different qualities. It has the best price to performance and is the safest bet for anyone who wants a megaminx as you aren't risking overspending on a Dayan or Gan. The main Selling point is the price to performance after all.

If you read all of this then you are amazing and thank you for the time



Levi R. (United States)
Great for the Price

Awesome megaminx! It is my second megaminx and much better than my non-magnetic QiYi. I added DNM-37 and it performs great!

Ayush G. (United States)
buy this plsssssssssssssss (if you don't mind spring noises and/or know how to remove them)

ill say this now if you hate spring noises don't buy this but overall a great megaminx and now i am addicted to solving the puzzle.
Buy pls
corner cutting is also good
overall awesome for a $13 puzzle
no disappointment from this YJ cube but needs lube

Matt c. (United States)
Obsessed with solving Megaminx

This is an amazing Megaminx not just because of the price but because of how well it preforms! I would buy the Megaminx if it were $20 + But for $14? that's a steal. This Megaminx is WAY better than the $17 dollar one I got on amazon. And I'm now obsessed with solving Megaminx! Really good puzzle (especially for just $14) and if you're looking to be in Megaminx, this is enough to be your main.

Sam R. (United States)

How does YJ continue to make flagship level (maybe beyond on the YuHu v2) cubes for 20% of the cost? I don't know either, but it would be nice if other companies followed their lead.

Amber (United States)
My new favorite!

Was kind of hard to turn out of the box with a grating spring noise. I lubed the springs well, lubed everything else and loosened the tension slightly. Doesn't turn quickly like a speed cube but I don't think it's meant to. Now it turns smoothly with a bit of clicky clackiness from the magnets and no more spring noise. Don't see myself trying to speedsolve this anytime soon so as a beginner this is perfect for me. I like to just sit back and relax and enjoy solving it. Put a Jothanon sticker on for extra cuteness.