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Let Us Sponsor Your Next Competition

TheCubicle sponsors competitions around the world, from local events to large competitions like CubingUSA Nationals. Our competition sponsorship program is available to provide gift code prizes, cube covers, and business cards. Vending and streaming services are also available for select competitions. Please contact us at to arrange sponsorship of your competition.

Team Cubicle

Team Cubicle is the world’s leading speedcubing team. Team Cubicle competitors have amassed thousands of World Cube Association competition medals, hundreds of continental and world records, and have won the majority of the continental championships this calendar year. Team Cubicle media producers have entertained and informed millions of viewers worldwide.

TheCubicle actively scouts potential team members to join the ranks of Team Cubicle, searching for new talents in speedcubing, media production, and other unique, creative arenas. If you believe you have what it takes to be part of Team Cubicle, you are welcome to contact us at and our team of evaluators will assess your qualifications and get back to you if you’re a fit.