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Cubicle Academy

cubicle academy

Take your speedcubing performance to the next level!

Our coaches at Cubicle Academy have one goal: to help you get faster, as fast as possible. Through detailed solve analysis, private lessons, and more, we’re here to help you achieve great practice habits, new insights, and results that exceed expectations!

Whether you’re looking for a big breakthrough in your solves or a point in the right direction, we have you covered! Our professional coaches are masters of all the essentials: algorithms, fingertricks and technique, lookahead, popular methods, and competition performance.


Our Services

SOLVE ANALYSIS submit a video of yourself solving (average of 5 for most events) and get a detailed written report with expert analysis, feedback, and suggestions for improvement. Samples of solve analyses are posted in each coach’s biography. To get started with a solve analysis, please fill out this questionnaire and email it to your coach of choice.
PRIVATE LESSON call or video chat with your coach and get hands-on advice to improve fast! To get started with a private lesson, please fill out this questionnaire and email it to your coach of choice.

Meet the Coaches

Our coaching team includes world record holders, national champions, and experts who specialize in education. Each coach is an active competitor in World Cube Association events and proudly sponsored by TheCubicle.

To book a service with a coach, please get in touch with them using the listed contact information on their profile. Please make sure to read our policies and also fill out the questionnaire prior to requesting coaching services

Coaches are listed in alphabetical order based on their surnames.


Stanley Chapel

Not Just a Top Blindsolver

Stanley Chapel is an American speedcuber who started his cubing journey in 2016. He is best known for having amassed over 20 world records in the blindfolded events and being World Champion in 4BLD and 5BLD. He is also an incredibly well-rounded speedcuber, with high rankings in every WCA event. These accomplishments helped Stanley rank number one globally in the KinchRanks statistic (a statistic that measures the best cubers all-around). At the start of his cubing career, he improved incredibly quickly, achieving his first world record only two years after he started cubing.

Outside of cubing, Stanley is an avid speedrunner, being highly ranked in Super Mario Bros. Any%. Stanley lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he is currently pursuing a double major in computer science and violin performance at the University of Michigan. His favorite composers are Bach and Paganini.


  • Blindfolded events (3-style and beyond)
  • All-rounding (able to coach every event, provided you use the same method as I do)
  • Learning algorithms
  • Developing algorithms
  • Practicing effectively

Rates: $30USD solve analysis, $90USD/hr private lessons. Inquire for package deals.



Lucas Etter

Small-Cube Specialist

Lucas Etter is an American speedcuber who began speedcubing in 2011. He is a four-time world record holder and four-time national champion in the 2x2 and 3x3 events. Additionally, Lucas consistently ranks top 10 in the world for the 4x4 event. On top of his success in the small-cube events, Lucas is widely known for his exceptional turning speed.

If you are eager to improve your speedcubing performance, Lucas can guide you with his competitive expertise. Given his experience with arthritis, he is well equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to overcome adversity. Lucas is driven to help aspiring speedcubers break barriers and reach new levels.


  • 3x3 (CFOP method)
  • 2x2 (EG method and one-looking)
  • 4x4 (Yau method)
  • Turning (dexterity and fingertricks)
  • Competition performance

Rates: $50USD solve analysis, $50USD/hr private lessons. Inquire for package deals.


Submit this form to request coaching:

Sample Solve Analysis


Iuri Grangeiro

Roux Method Expert

Iuri Grangeiro is a Roux solver based in Brazil who specializes in One-Handed solving. He is widely considered the best one-handed solver in South America since 2017, when he first got the South American One-Handed average record. Iuri has held this record continuously ever since. In August 2019, he got his first official sub 10 one-handed average, being the 4th person ever to do so and establishing himself as a world class one-handed solver. Although it is not his main focus, he is also a high level 3x3 solver in Brazil, having won the 2018 Brazilian Championship and placing second place in the 2019 competition.

Apart from cubing, Iuri loves music, playing guitar, bass, and drums. He also takes interest in mathematical physics, which led him to graduate with a bachelor's degree in physics in 2019, currently being followed by a masters in applied mathematics. He has also taken up theater, choir, and charity teaching as extracurricular activities, as well as enjoying TV shows and movies during his free time. Iuri speaks Portuguese and English.


  • 3x3 (Roux method)
  • 3x3 OH (Roux method)

Rates: $50USD solve analysis, $50USD/hr private lessons. Inquire for package deals.


Sample Solve Analysis


Daniel Karnaukh

Multifarious Master

Daniel Karnaukh is an American speedcuber who is considered one of the world’s best Square-1 solvers. He has placed 3rd in Square-1 at World Championships 2017 and 2019 and is the 2018 US national champion. He has broken the Square-1 North American average once and used to hold the world record single. He also placed 3rd in 2x2 at US Nationals 2015.

Apart from cubing, Daniel enjoys playing jazz piano and is working towards a degree in jazz performance. He also enjoys exercising, watching comedy, and playing video games in his free time.


  • 3x3 (CFOP method)
  • Square-1 (Vandenbergh method, CSP)
  • 2x2 (EG method and one-looking)
  • Turning (fingertricks and fundamentals)
  • Competition performance and nerves

Rates: $45USD/hr private lessons. $80USD/2 hours, $120USD/4 hours. Inquire for solve analysis prices.


Sample Solve Analysis


Patrick Ponce

3x3 US National Champion

Patrick Ponce is a color neutral CFOP cuber who is considered one of the world’s best 3x3 solvers. In 2017, Patrick set the 3x3 world record single with a result of 4.69 seconds. More recently, Patrick was crowned the 2019 US National Champion of 3x3.

In addition to his 3x3 accomplishments, Patrick is recognized for his world class performance in 4x4, 5x5, one-handed, 6x6, Square-1, and Megaminx. Particularly, Patrick ranks second in the world for 3x3 one-handed average.

When coaching, Patrick leverages his deep knowledge of algorithms, fingertricks, and high stakes competitions to provide a rewarding and efficient learning experience.


  • 3x3
  • 3x3 one-handed
  • Color neutrality
  • 4x4
  • 5x5

Rates: $50USD solve analysis, $80USD/hr private lessons. 4 half hour private lessons for $125USD. Inquire for more package deals.


Sample Solve Analysis


Aryan Kejriwal

Big Cube Specialist

Aryan Kejriwal is an American speedcuber who first stepped into WCA competition in 2013. Over the years, Aryan has cemented himself as one of the world’s fastest big cube solvers. Currently ranked in the top 20 in 5x5 and top 10 in 6x6 and 7x7, Aryan is widely known for his continuous drive to improve and his methodical approach to practicing.

If you’re looking to add a boost to your big cube performance, Aryan’s the coach to contact!


  • 5x5
  • 6x6
  • 7x7

Rates: $40USD solve analysis (up to five 5x5 solves and three 6x6 or 7x7 solves), $40USD/hr private lessons, $60USD solve analysis + call package. Inquire for package deals.


Sample Solve Analysis


Please fill out this questionnaire entirely and submit it to the coach of your choice when booking a session for the first time.

  • What is your name and WCA profile (if applicable)?
  • Do you have a film setup that you can film with?
  • What event would you like your coach to help you with?
  • What method do you use?
  • What are your overall goals?
  • Are you able to provide scrambles and times to each solve?


Please review these policies prior to contacting a coach for coaching services:

  • Each coach operates independently. No payment to TheCubicle is necessary for receiving coaching services.
  • Please treat your coaches with respect.
  • Coaches retain the right to refuse service for any reason. If a coach declines to provide service, no money will be collected.
  • Solve analysis services are not refundable once paid. Each coach will communicate a turn-around time.
  • Likewise, for private lesson services, each coach will communicate a cancellation and make-up policy.
  • Private lessons may be cancelled by the client by giving the coach written notice at least 48 hours in advance. Private lessons cancelled more than 48 hours in advance are entitled to a full refund. Cancellations made within the 48 hour period prior to a lesson will be entitled to a 50% refund.
  • Output of services including written analysis and footage of coaching may be recorded and retained for the client’s personal use. However, they may not be reproduced without the express written authorization of the coach.
  • While the coaches will try their best to provide useful and constructive advice, we cannot guarantee results.
  • If a dispute arises with a coach, you are welcome to email for resolution.

Cool stuff

  • Each time you successfully complete a solve analysis or private lesson with a coach, you are eligible to receive a special 10% off discount on our webstore.
  • More to come soon!