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Are you interested in stocking specialized Cubicle products? Are you looking to get discounts for your club or organization? Are you looking for promotional materials for your company? If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, TheCubicle can help!

Wholesales With TheCubicle 

TheCubicle proudly wholesales our selection of renowned Premium Lubricants, accessories, as well as our custom made speedcubes. Whether it’s a large scale project or to stock in your own retail store, we would be more than happy to assist getting our products to your hands.

We proudly work with the following stores!

ZyO Rubik (Vietnam)
Thegioirubik (Vietnam)
Cuboss (Sweden) 
KewbzUK (UK)
Tribox (Japan)
Smartship (Japan)
CuberSpace (Singapore)
CubistryStore (Singapore) 
jPearly (Malaysia) 
CANCube (Canada)
Cubinx (Indonesia)
Atoutcubes (France)
CuteCubeShop (Thailand)
Kuutiostore (Finland)
Double W's Gifts (Netherlands)

If you’re interested in wholesale with TheCubicle, please contact us and use the "Wholesale Inquiries" option. 


Educational and Club Discounts

TheCubicle offers discounts for educational purposes as well as for clubs, groups, and associations. We frequently work with school clubs, national associations, and other general groups of cubers to bring greater discounts and puzzle availability. To check if you qualify for these discounts or to get documentation for purchase orders, please contact us

Customized Promotional Products

Do you want to add some hands-on flair to your business or marketing campaign? TheCubicle can create custom promotional puzzles for your business.

Pricing may vary and availability may be limited.