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Blank Center Cap for MoYu RS3 M V5 (UV Coated) - White
Blank Center Cap for MoYu RS3 M V5 (UV Coated) - White

Blank Center Cap for MoYu RS3 M V5 (UV Coated)


  • $1.99 USD



Product Description

The Blank Center Cap for MoYu RS3 M V5 (UV Coated) is perfect for a cuber who enjoys using their own logos. They're also more compliant for WCA blind events.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer MoYu
Type Accessories
Added 2024-07-24
Gross Weight 2g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brandon T. (United States)
This Center Cap has you Covered (Literally)

Are you tired of staring at the white side of your MoYu cube, wondering how their logo is so ugly? Fear not, fellow cubers, for salvation has arrived in the form of the Blank Center Cap for the Moyu RS3M V5, now with UV coating!

Let's dive into the depths of this enigmatic accessory.

The blank center cap offers a canvas of possibility. The UV coating adds a touch of finesse, making it as shiny and alluring as the rest of the surface of the cube.

This center cap snugly embraces the Moyu RS3M V5. No wobbles, no jiggles, just a perfect fit.

For the price of half a cup of coffee (assuming you got a medium), you can transform your cube from a nerdy mess to sleek and classy. It's the kind of investment that pays off in smiles per solve.

Plus, think of the nerd cred you'll gain in the cubing community. You'll be the envy of every speedcuber from here to the next comp. People will probably think you sat down with an eraser for hours to get rid of that logo.

Little do they know that you just bought it from the Cubicle. Foolish mortals.

Final Verdict:
The Blank Center Cap for the Moyu RS3M V5 with UV Coating stands as a beacon of creativity and customization. It's more than just a cap; it's a statement, a symbol of your cubing prowess. So why wait? Grab one today and let your inner cuber shine brighter than ever.

Real talk: the cap fits and makes me happy. You should buy one. Instant 5/5 stars. I'd give it 6/5 if I could. Best investment I've ever made.

Joseph C. (United States)
How do you know what cube a cuber is using?

Looks great, makes your whites whiter and your brights brighter! So shiiiny and grippy too. It's a UV coated cap, it's not gonna make you a faster cuber, probably. But it does what it says on the tin. Er, ziplock baggie, whatever.

Moyu has been kind of insisting they have their logo on their cubes and not really wanting people to have the option to remove the logo… Which of course is frustrating because the WCA insists on it for blind.

I don't do blind, actually. I mean, I do blind in general pretty well because I'm legally blind and can't see crap on a sunny day. But as a cuber, I'm a total rank beginner who learned to 3x3 with ruwix and has almost memorized one of the two swaps that are needed on a 2x2 that don't work on 3x3. I barely know how to turn a cube…

But … I wanted the no-logo option for my RS3M V5 BC UV (these names!) because I want to git gud and be able to do blind solves. I mean, c'mon, the memes alone would be worth it. I don't have to do anything but not DNF and it will be lol-worthy.

But beyond that … I want to be able to choose when, where, and how I evangelize or advertise a brand. I think that should be my decision, and I know most corporations don't.

The fact is, though, if I pull it out of my bag and there's any chance it's not obvious what I'm using, cube-wise, someone's gonna ask me what cube I'm using. And I'm gonna tell 'em all about it. Why I like it, what draws me to use it, what wasn't the best, and my overall impression of it. And I'm gonna tell them all about it because I'm a freaking nerd who's already become a cuber.

So then: How do you know what cube a cuber is using? You give them half a chance to tell you, at length, because they will. OMG they will. I'm a Gen-X n00b and I already know that much to be true.

Moyu, you did right to allow these to be sold. Cubicle, you're awesome for having them. The cube doesn't need a logo to tell people what it is, because I will. Besides, I can't read Chinese anyway.

Watson R. (United States)

Works great

1533 W. (United States)



Does what its supposed to do

Michel L. (United States)
Looks great

What can I say, it's a blank cap. The UV finish looks identical to the other white facelets. I'm very happy with my purchase.