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2020 Lube Guide

Posted by DAMIAN BIAS on

Most, if not all, speedcubes need some form of lubrication to perform at their highest potential. How exactly do you navigate picking a lube with so many different options out there? This guide explains it all! 

What does lube do? 

Generally, lubes are used to adjust the amount and quality of friction between moving parts in your puzzle. Adding lube can have a big impact on your puzzle’s inner texture and turning resistance. Use lubes to make your cube smoother, speed it up, or slow it down. 

Lubes in our catalog are organized into three groups: 

Silicone Lubes 

Silicone has been a staple in the speedcuber’s lube arsenal for more than a decade. Widely known for its friction-reducing properties on plastic, silicone is great because it’s both safe and economical. Our in-house silicone lubes are categorized by viscosity (or “weight”), between 1 and 5. The smaller the number, the runnier the lube. For example, Cubicle Weight 1 is a very runny silicone lube that will make your cube rotate faster. Cubicle Weight 5, on the other end of the spectrum, is a relatively thick lube that helps make your cube more controllable. 

Premium Lubes 

Here’s where things get fancy. Over the years, we’ve had many “what if?” moments -- are there other types of lube out there that can enhance a speedcuber’s enjoyment of puzzles in more unique ways? The answer was “yes”, many times over. Each of our premium lubes were inspired by our dreams of creating new and interesting experiences for cubers. Here they are: 

DNM-37 is the most popular water-based lube. This easy-to-apply lube is ultra quick! Unlike other fast lubes that dry out after a few solves, DNM-37 was formulated to absorb and retain moisture from the atmosphere, allowing it to remain wet for a longer period of time. DNM-37 is a go-to lube for competitive speedcubers who want a fast lube that’s reliable and long lasting. 

Compound X (ten) is another water-based lube, but one that adds more control to your puzzle. You can think of it as the opposite of DNM-37. With just a few drops, Compound X can add a whole new level of much-needed control so that your puzzle overturns less. This is important to many cubers who feel their puzzles come too fast out of the box. Unlike the traditional method of gumming up your cube with a bunch of silicone, applying Compound X is fast and simple. 

The aloe-based Cubicle Labs Mystic is another interesting one. The world’s first plant-based puzzle lubricant, Mystic uses the unique lubricity of aloe to create an exceptionally lively and quick speedcubing experience. Mystic does well in small cubes like 2x2 and also bigger cubes like 5x5. 

If you’re seeking soft and plush, try Cubicle Labs Silk! Silk is a special silicone formulation that creates a super plush, dampened feel. Silk is great for cubers who wish to make their puzzles smoother and quieter. 

Lubicle Black goes straight to your cube’s core! Engineered specifically for metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic contact, Lubicle Black gives you the best possible start when lubing your core, something many speedcubers do when they receive a new cube. Make sure to read all the instructions for this one! 

Angstrom Gravitas and Angstrom Dignitas are a pair of modified silicones. Dignitas is a medium viscosity silicone lube that uses micro-scale nitride that lubricates and protects your puzzle from friction wear. Gravitas is a high viscosity silicone lube that uses two nano-scale compounds to maximize smoothness and control. Both lubes are specially engineered to last far longer than unmodified silicones. 

Want to do science while improving the performance of your cube? Angstrom Celeritas is a two-part lube that undergoes a chemical reaction when combined. Just use Reagent A and then Reagent B to achieve an incredibly quick sensation lots of cubers describe as “gliding”. 

Designed specifically for the professional in mind, MAX Fleet and MAX Command are a pair of lubes engineered for World Champion and record holder Max Park. MAX Command is a reliable control-based lube that works great on cores and pieces. MAX Fleet is an interesting non-Newtonian fluid that’s extremely quick with no drag. 

Thanks for reading!

We hope this guide helped you better understand our lube selection. If you’re unsure about what to get, it’s always a safe bet to start with some Cubicle Silicone Lube and a small bottle of DNM-37. That said, you’re welcome to try the other lubes anytime if you know you want a specific feel. 

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