Welcome to our smart cube and Bluetooth collection! In this area, you’ll find our complete collection of smart cubes and other Bluetooth items. These products can connect to most modern smartphones and can be a non-stop source of fun. 

Smart cubes are famous for being fun, useful, and high tech. Apart from tracking and displaying your moves, smart cubes can be used to race other cubers across the world, play games, and participate in online events. Try one for yourself! 

Smart Cubes and Bluetooth

Type: 3x3 ×
Rubik's Connected 3x3 - Black

Rubik's Connected 3x3

$5999 $5999

GAN 356 i Carry

GAN 356 i Carry

$3699 $3699

Giiker Super Cube i3S

Giiker Super Cube i3S 3x3

$4999 $4999

Ex-Mars Cube 3x3 (3rd Edition)

Ex-Mars Cube 3x3 (3rd Edition)

$9999 $9999

MoYu WeiLong AI 3x3 - Stickerless (Bright)

MoYu WeiLong AI 3x3

$6499 $6499

MonsterGO AI 3x3

MonsterGO AI 3x3

$2799 $2799

GAN i3 3x3

GAN i3 3x3

$6299 $6299

GoCube Edge 3x3 - Stickerless (Bright)

GoCube Edge 3x3

$7999 $7999

GoCube-X 3x3 - Black

GoCube-X 3x3

$3399 $3999 Save $6