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DianSheng Galaxy FTO (Magnetic) DianSheng FTO - Stickerless DianSheng Galaxy FTO (Magnetic)
DianSheng Galaxy FTO (Magnetic)
DianSheng FTO - Stickerless
DianSheng Galaxy FTO (Magnetic)
DianSheng Galaxy FTO (Magnetic)
DianSheng FTO - Stickerless
DianSheng Galaxy FTO (Magnetic)

DianSheng Galaxy FTO (Magnetic)


  • $17.99 USD



Product Description

The DianSheng Galaxy FTO is a face-turning octahedron and the first mass-produced magnetic version of this puzzle. If you solve FTO, you know that this release is a big deal. Get yours today and prepare for your times to drop!

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Please note that some new cubes when being used for the first few times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is when one or more parts of a puzzle pop out without any damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time during normal usage. Pops are typically not considered a defect if the parts which come off can be reassembled by hand.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer DianSheng
Type Shape Mods
Added 2024-06-17
Gross Weight 132g
Magnets Magnetic

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Chris C. (United States)
Best FTO ever, and it's not even close

I had the pleasure of getting a diansheng FTO from diansheng directly, and it is such a marvelous little cube. it's noticeably smaller than any other FTO on the market, but its is really pleasant to hold in the hands, and its pretty fast. there is a small range of tensions that work on it, slightly tight. any looser leads to edge explosions, which are unfortunately not that uncommon. it is such a smooth cube, something lube only helps. i can easily do hundreds of solves on this and not get tired. already got down to a global of sub 26 after just less than 2 weeks of getting it, and have done about 2100 solves on it so far. highly recommend everyone to buy this if you are looking for an FTO YouTube video placeholder
Sonja B. (United States)
Game changer for FTO

I've seen many reviews of this puzzle and waited with high anticipation for mine to arrive. I know that many other reviewers have said the tension needs to be slightly adjusted out of the box, and that the puzzle has popping problems due to the design of the internals. I have not had any of those issues myself. For me, the puzzle felt great right out of the box and it has not popped even once. On the other hand, I am not a particularly fast solver or fast/aggressive turner. If I had faster turning or relied on more finger tricks for FTO, it's quite possible I would have encountered these problems. But if you're still kinda slow like me, this puzzle will probably serve you absolutely as well as you need. The only thing stopping me from giving it the full five stars is that a) the gray side color is kind of an ugly, brownish gray. I've gotten used to it, but I wish it was a more neutral gray or even black. b) the issues with the design of the puzzle's internals are real--even if they haven't affected me personally--so I know there's room for Diansheng to improve. I look forward to them doing so!

But all that aside: if "I'm waiting for better hardware" has been your reason for not getting into FTO up to now, you need wait no further. We have been waiting for a speedsolving FTO for *years*, and Diansheng delivered. More than that; they didn't just deliver a puzzle that is speed-solvable. They delivered a speedsolvable puzzle that is actually *good*. It may not be at the same level of awesome/fast/reliable as modern 3x3 hardware (yet!) but this is a 100% legit puzzle that brings a true speedsolving experience to FTO.

Ryan (United Kingdom)
The time has come

The time of the FTO is upon us. Must buy. We just need a viable, speed-solvable icosahedron to complete the Platonic solids.

Ethan D. (United States)

Really good FTO, takes like 200 solves to fully break in but after that it's amazing. Super fun event, challenging enough to be interesting but not too hard. Every cuber should pick this up!

Cole H. (United States)

DianSheng FTO (Magnetic)

Theodore Y. (United States)
I don't have much experience with FTO, but I think it's great!

This is the first FTO that I have owned so far, and as soon as I turned it, I fell in love with this puzzle. I love absentmindedly scrambling and solving it just for fun. It seems like a pretty high quality puzzle, with magnets and the honeycomb texture on the inside. I haven't customized my puzzle much; I've just added a bit of DNM-37 to it. However, even with just that, it became even better than it was originally. As soon as I got it, I used the sheet that came with it to learn how to solve it and went from over 5 min to 2:29 in a day! 5 stars, definitely recommend this puzzle to anyone who wants an FTO.

Ben D. (United States)
Great Cube

Defintily the best fto I've tried. Gotten tons of PBs

Hunter M. (United States)

DianSheng FTO (Magnetic)

Clair (United States)
Innovative, but with Room for Improvement

I understand the hype for the first ever speed FTO- I love the stickerless tiles; the colors and the scheme get no complaints from me; and magnets are great. This was sorely needed, I'm glad it exists, and I'm glad I have it.
However, the mechanism leaves much to be desired. Only the edges properly engage with the core, and I still don't understand what black magic holds the triangles and corners in place on top of them. It pops a lot out of the box, and the screws are really buried in the mechanism, so I'm not super inclined to mess with it- I fear after tightening it, reassembly may be even more difficult, and if I tighten it unevenly, it would take that much more time to correct.
If you buy it, be ready to reassemble it a lot. I recommend to build it in blocks, and when in doubt, do edges first and triangles last.
This is the first; if diansheng and other manufacturers see the room for improvement and capitalize, then the future is bright for the FTO community :)