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Product Description

The GAN 356 i2 is GAN’s latest update to its successful 3x3  smart cube, the GAN 356 i. Changes include faster charging time (2 hours), longer battery life, significantly longer standby time (60 days), and more storage!  

The GAN 356 i2 utilises Bluetooth to pair with your Android or Apple device through GAN’s free app, ‘Cube Station’. This 3x3 speed cube is equipped with an internal gyroscope and full motion tracking, which work in tandem to give you statistics on each solve such as turns per second, rotations, and move count. This is a great cube if you want to time yourself, train, and battle other cubers worldwide!

The GAN 356 i2 is also compatible with the GAN ROBOT, a cubing robot that can scramble and solve your cube.

The cube itself features a brand new design with large internals and quick, crunchy feel. This cube definitely brings the best of both worlds between technology and performance.

Please note: In order to charge the puzzle, you must place it in the charging port with the white side facing up. All other configurations will not work. Returns accepted only if the product is unopened in its original packaging. Please be advised the Cube Station app may not be compatible with mobile operating systems outside of iOS and Android. 

Comes with

Gan 356 i2 smartcube

Charging dock

Micro USB to USB cable

Instruction manual

Gan 356 i2 card

Cube bag

Extra springs

GAN 356i2, GAN 356 i, GAN356I, GAN 356 i2

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Please note that some new cubes when being used for the first few times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is when one or more parts of a puzzle pop out without any damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time during normal usage. Pops are typically not considered a defect if the parts which come off can be reassembled by hand.

The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer GAN
Type 3x3
Added 2020-06-01
Gross Weight 370g
Dimensions 56.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 72.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
A M. (United States)
Great cube, trash app

I loved the cube's turning and functionality, but the app was trash. It had a bad layout, and my cube wasn't orienting properly.

Charlie a. (United States)
this cube is cool

it comes packed in a cool apple like box and comes with a charger a carrying case and extra springs it has a feel unlike most gan cubes, you can only adjust the springs by change the settings from 0.6 to 0.8 and it is incompatible with other ges nuts, the app works fairly well despite some bugs here and there, the cube turns well as well, i would recommend this over the gan i carry because for only 20 dollers more you are getting a rechargeable battery and a gyroscope so the cube with track your actions.

Tyler F. (United States)
App works alright, cube turns great!

As of right now I have contacted GAN about my 356 i2 having issues where it turns poorly on three of six sides. Other than that, the sides not having this issue turn fairly well out of the box and pairing with the app took some work to get connected, but works almost flawlessly afterwards.
October Update: I managed to get the sides fixed and turning great. Adding Mystic lube made it main worthy. The only issue is that it's a smart cube and not allowed for competition.

Troy T. (United States)
Great cube

This is my first magnetized cube — I really like it. It doesn’t seem to have any issues connecting with BlueTooth on my Phone. Works great.

Jason M. (United States)

Love the cube, but unfortunately the Cubestation App is completely different from all the other reviews I've seen and it will not let me register myself on the app, but the GAN cube itself is amazing!

Branden M.
I returned it after 2 days

Out of the box the gyroscope didnt work at all and I couldn't really use the app cause the notation was for a diffrent side and the cubes turning just wasn't good it had like these 3 notches that would catch every time you turned any side touching the orange and yellow peice cause there was plastic judding out of the peice

Dario L. (United States)
Very. good practice tool

I bought this cube primarily to practice and learn algorithms and it does that job perfectly. The app is not really as bad as other reviews have made it sound. I would highly recommend this cube. It turns very well and is about as good of a puzzle as my 356X. It is not as good as the 11 m pro, but is definitely great!

David T. (United States)
This is fine for a beginner.

This cube would be fine for a beginner as they would not be very worried about the performance of the cube too much. When you get sub 20 and you have an aggressive turning style it tends to lock up and catch a lot more compared to my main which is the WRM 2020. I find that it helps to have a lighter turning style for the stock springs. If you switch to the golden springs and set the tension to 0.6 you can become a little more forceful/aggressive with your turning but you still have to be more precise. The corner-cutting doesn't feel very good compared to the WRM 2020 as it catches a lot and requires more force to corner cut. Also, it is literally a tremendous pain to remove the center caps off of the cube as there aren't any divots for your nail to catch on to like in the WRM 2020. I often need to use some tools to get the caps off or else my nails will hurt and get chipped. Furthermore, if you take off the centerpiece and want to put it back in make sure to align the stock with the hole in the centerpiece, or else it will bend the stock. I accidentally bent it but luckily it wasn't very brittle so I could bend it back straight up. The app works great for me but I have to reset the position of the cube every time I want to use the app but I'm fine with that. Once it is reset and the colors match then everything works pretty well as far as the 1v1 matches and personal training. The rotation stat might not be very accurate so it's just like a ballpark estimate and I wish they would show the battery percentage of the cube and not just a battery level icon. Overall for me, it's too catchy and I can't get good times like on my WRM 2020 but it is helpful for finding out my sats like TPS, move count, etc... I also find the 1v1 matches to be pretty fun.

Niels B. (Netherlands)
Amazing Cube

I really like the idea of smart cubes, I like to analyze my stats to see where I can improve. I first bought a giiker cube because of the lower price at the time but although it was good, there were a lot of desyncs and it is not stickerless. The GAN356i2 solves both of these problems: it is stickerless and I haven't had any desyncs during my solves. The only negative thing compared to the giiker cube is the battery life, but I just put my cube in the charger whenever I'm not using it so that's not a really big issue. The app is okayish but not amazing, however, the cubegreat with the 3rd party software I was using already (Cubeast).

Boogie (United States)
Me like!

I have had this cube for a couple weeks now. It has so far been everything I hoped it would be and I have gone from a 1:10.00 average to a 0:45.00 average already. The app is basic but there are other apps you can use with it. The Bluetooth is short range but it does not effect me much. It also does not read hard corner cutting in alg training even though it seems to do fine in 1v1 battles. Even took my PB from 0:41.00 to 0:33.36. It has a trainer function that will teach someone who does not know how to solve a cube in the app as well. If you want to learn all the way to becoming sub :30 or below, this thing is the right tool. More advanced solvers might check out other apps though.